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we budget 100 a month for eating out. Sometimes that's thai takeout, burgers and fries from the local place and a trip to the coffee shop, other months its one nice dinner out (family of 5). We don't drink (dh may have a beer) and don't eat dessert out (allergies preclude a lot of desserts). When the money is gone, no more eating out.
post some of your fave foods and we can find you a yummy gf alternative.
Its so nice to have your dh on board!
I like Gail vax Oxlade. She's Canadian but the advice is good for everyone. Her website is www.gailvazoxlade.com I think. She has a show, Til Debt do us Part too. Dave Ramsey is also good. Others like Suze Orman. I'd hit the bookstore/library, browse a few books and choose one whose style you like. I took out a bunch from the library to get an idea. DR Total Money Makeover was the one we ended up with and I've been quite happy with it.   Oh and for blogs I like The...
Welcome to a whole new year. If you want to get out of debt and start saving this is the thread for you. Today is the day to take control of your finances.   Some of us use Dave Ramsey's method but please join us even if you're following someone else/your own plan. All welcome! Here's DR's plan: These are the Baby Steps: Pre-Step 1: Get current on your debts and do a budget 0.1 Commit to NEVER borrow $$$ again 0.2 Talk with spouse and get him/her on the...
Do you  have a budget written down on paper? Will your dh look at it? Does your dh know how much money he can spend during the month for small things (eating out, small purchases etc)? I know when you realize you're in trouble, you want to go gung ho but you've got to get your dh on board. If that means putting some money into the budget so he can feel like he has some control, you might have to do it. Money stuff can be so stressul.
Hey, anyone want to do a recap of where they started and finished the year? I know a lot of people had a great year!   For  us we started 2010 with 1500 left in bs2 and ended the year in bs4/5.
You've got to get your dh on side. Can you show him your projected debt if you keep both places and are going 2000 into debt each month? I'd show him how much you'll owe in a year and in 5 years.  Will that shake him?  I'd also ask him to read one finance book or website and to commit to a budget for 3 months. I think Dave Ramsey (total money makeover), Gail vax-Oxlade, Suze Orman all have books and websites that might help if he's willing. Get Rick Slowly and the Simple...
Great news redvlagrl! What a good way to start the new year,  bef in place and a kickass snowball.   Hope everyone had a good holiday and there is no visa bill in January dread going on. I've got to sit down and play with our January budget still, not enough hours in the day. My kids got Christmas money from relatives this year so we've been having a lot of discussions over you can buy this or that or save it, its neat seeing how their minds work.  
The Canadian lego site has a 50 per cent off certain items sale on right now for boxing day/week. The advent calendars were gone by the time I looked as was a bunch of the star wars stuff but I still picked up a few things for the kids birthdays so check it out.
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