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where are you on the baby steps? I'd really focus on paying off debts once I had the baby emergency fund (I like 2000, but most do 1000) and not worry about where to invest down the road. Just put your ef somewhere safe for now, I just use a basic savings acct for that. Worry about what to do with your savings (ffef, bs 4 and 5) when you get there otherwise it gets overwhelming.
I like the advice to put the book in the bathroom.   Hey, if you've got any good thoughts to spare, AnnetteMarie who posts on these threads had her twins and had some complications, its all in her due date club (dec) if you want some details but thought we could send her some good wishes to a speedy recovery and some love to the new babies.
A lot of people on the Getting out of Debt thread follow DR. Come join us!  We are on bs4 so we put a bit into savings/sinking funds (2-3 per cent of income) but most of our money goes to retirement and college funds (building up to 15 per cent of income). We keep some cash readily available at a local bank and our ffef at ing who had the best rates back when we were in bs3. the bulk of our ffef is in laddered gic's (canadian guaranteed income things). Dh and I have...
3timesamom, good luck black friday shopping. I had to resist the HP dvds on amazon yesterday as I'm supposed to be all done for my boys already.   mattemma04, congrats on paying off one card and being so close on the next one! Will that be it for cc debt for you? I've seen some lego deals on the lego site depending what you're looking for, check out the sale section. Great job sticking to your cash.   Melaniee. meh, as long as you've now got the box open and...
one car here, also in a big city so dh can take transit to work fairly easily or the kids and I can walk to everything. No desire for another car.
kids programs day trips booze camera accessories
Ugh, hopefully it works this time. Multi-quote has been kicking my butt this week. I've given up in frustration a few times. Oh and if someone can tell me how to get rid of the blinding white screen I'd be forever grateful.     major_mama, glad to hear dh's hours have picked up! sarah1122, yay on the check clearing. I love the idea of experiences and handmade for Christmas.   Eirual, sorry to hear about the tax stuff.   I'm sorry MCsMom, its hard when...
I heard a neat advent calendar idea, instead of candies or small toys, the mom put notes for hot chocolate with dad, play monopoly, go for winter hike etc. All of the stuff was free.
2 adults, 3 kids, 8, 5 and 2. We spend $600 a month. We live in Toronto though so tons of options for cheap produce and ethnic stores which helps keep our costs low. Very little of that is organic though except the milk and eggs.
My advice is an eating out  budget if its important to you. Set an amount, take it out in cash at the beginning of the month, then when its gone, no more eating out. We eat any leftovers for lunch, dh prefers that to sandwiches so it works great for us. I freeze most things, what kind of things are you looking to freeze?
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