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If you're behind on bills don't take a trip. Get your car loan back in good standing or you may be facing a repo. Do you make enough for your Nov bills to be met or do you need to keep the money for that? If you don't have enough for Nov bills then put all the money away for those. Kept reading, I'm glad you caught up on the school and car note. I'd prioritize winter clothes and tune-up if you can convince your dh.
winter coats for the boys, new shoes for you, new clothes for dh would likely eat at least half the money around here then I'd send the other half to savings or get a start on Christmas.
He will be fine. Go and have a good time. I think its good prep on the chance you need to be away from him when the new babe arrives.
anxious, not sleeping well and doesn't want to go? I would move her back to the babysitter and try again when she's a bit older. Can she start mid-year once the separation anxiety lessens?
I probably wouldn't take him back to the gym, its not fair to the younger kids and not fair to your kid to be in a situation where he is hitting/kicking. Can you find a way to get him around younger kids with you there to work on the behaviour?
Luckymommyof3, welcome! Its harder not having an onboard spouse but a lot of spouses seem to come around when they see the debt going down even without their full support. Someone had success asking for a couple months to try it and then if it wasn't working, would back off on it but by then the spouse was on board. jellybeanandkids, welcome! Good luck selling the clothes and getting a wah job, I think a debt free Christmas sounds lovely. What a great way to start the...
My advice would be to automate the savings before it can disappear. Its the only thing that worked for us, paycheck comes in, savings go out first then we see what's left over. Even little amounts add up.
From a DR perspective, you are on bs 6 so you're doing great, you've got an emergency fund and have funded retirement. What's to stop you from saving for the car? Take 6 months or however long it will take you to save up, research which car he wants, and go for it.
I'm not sure how car loans work, the car is already paid off and you remortgage it? Any other way to get out from under the high interest cc? Can you find one of those low interest rate transfers to another cc? i'd be worried that if you mess up, you lose your car with the car loan.
chely7425, please do join! You sound like you have a good plan in place. Let us know if you need help with budgets or anything. Turquesa, we kept our comp/collision coverage on our 5 year old car. I'd hate to use up my ef for that. Really, how much more is comp/collision vs the cost of a repairs? I see MovnMama has weighed in with some insider advice, thanks MovnMama. MyTwoAs, great job making your debt payoff! You are so close to the halfway mark. Good luck with...
New Posts  All Forums: