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I just turned 39 and am pregnant with my third (and last!)  Going in for my first MW appt tomorrow and I'm sure I'll hear a lot about me age
Thanks!  I would probably need large, I have 2 size medium now that he's outgrowing rather quickly.  
What size are the BGs?  
  I was told this too when I was with SB.  But, you just agree to it and cross that bridge when you are actually 41w5d.  They can't force you to have a c-section, you can simply not show up if you really want
What are are you moving to?  Like Harford or Cecil County?
My 15 month old DS is working on his 4th molar right now for a total of 12 teeth in his mouth!  DD was much slower at getting teeth than DS so its certainly true that every child is different.
I had my first with Special Beginnings and they were great!  I had a planned c-section at AAMC but the MW from SB was there in the OR with me and DH holding my hand the whole time.  She was wonderful.     I had a VBAC with my second at Upper Chesapeake with Susquehanna Midwives and they were awesome.  Very pro VBAC, supportive and respected my wishes for a natural VBAC.
I think a few days in a row is fine, we gave it to DS at least 4 nights in a row if not longer!  He had 3 molars come in within a week of each other and is now working on #4.  They are so painful for him at night.  Its not like you're giving it too him all day every several hours, his system has plenty of time to process it out between doses.
I think you could definitely live on that salary in the US.  I don't know what your lifestyle is now in CA but I can guarantee that in DC you wouldn't live a lavish lifestyle on $60,000 but you could certainly make do just fine.  Moving anywhere is scary, I can't imagine planning a move out of the country.....but you only live once so I say go for it!  I mean, it is only 2-4 years which in the scheme of things is a relatively short time.  So if you do absolutely hate it,...
I'm not sure if this should be in LWAB or Toddlers since Kyle is 13 months.  I'm posting here because this problem has been going on for months, not just recently.   Kyle has always been a terrible sleeper, short cat naps and frequent night wakings have been common for him since he was just a few months old.  The past few months have gotten worse with the night wakings, not necessarily the frequency of waking at night but he wakes up and cannot get back to sleep for...
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