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I tried the cutting a little off each day technique and it was a disaster. Felt painful. I finally just chucked it and my little guy got the idea! Hugs!
Quote: Originally Posted by hedgehogs4 This may not be good advice, but it is what I do. I closely inspect my nipple - spreading it apart - and I look for a little white dot. If i find a white dot I scrape it off with my fingernail or use a sterile needle to remove it - this is usually the plug - then I massage the lump until it drains and I feel better w/in 24 hours. If I don't find the white spot I apply moist heat and keep on looking. I hope...
Sometimes a bite will make me feel a little ill, but I get over it. I think opening up the tissue makes you vulnerable to infection. If you don't see an improvement in a day or two after getting bitten, especially if it's getting worse, then it's probably full-blown infected. Hugs!
My DD, 2, is also a binkie addict. I don't let her take it out of the house, period. (Unless we're staying over night somewhere, then she can have it to fall asleep.) I was a thumb sucker and my parents let me stop on my own. My DS was a thumb sucker and stopped on his own. I think self-soothing is great and I'm not going to deny her that. When she's ready, she'll stop. I always put the binkies on top of her dresser when I find them. That way they're out of reach and we...
I screamed my head off. My husband couldn't hear out of his left ear for awhile. I am usually so quiet. I don't think I've ever really yelled or screamed in my life. It felt good.
I love it, especially that bacon. So cute!
Wow. I have no advice to give. But to pay cash for a house . . . that's always been a dream of ours. One that probably won't happen. We're just trying to put as much down as possible and pay it off fast. I'd be interested to see how this works out for you.
Finding this website was like a revelation. I'm having so much fun navigating the forums and learning from you all!
I was finally able to write about the experience on my blog. Why is it so hard to put such a thing to words? http://stillparenting.blogspot.com/
I came from a big family--10 kids. And we're planning on having a big family (more than 6, less than 10). I have three kids under four right now. Wanted to jump on board.
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