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What is the difference, if any, between bloody show and a brownish/blood tinged and what I thought was the mucus plug? Is bloody show fresh blood? Brown means old so maybe that's the difference. I've seen lost of brown mucus blobs that I thought were plug. Maybe it's bloody show? I don't know!
Quote: Originally Posted by Azreial I've been tivo'ing movies and shows that look interesting in my bedroom so I'll feel more like holding up in there the first couple of weeks pp That's an awsome idea. I have tivo too. I need to stock that up!
I think it worked sorta. I drank it with oj and grape juice (two doses of 2oz each) and blended ice and chugged it. That was 10 pm and 12am. It was nasty but bearable. At 5:45 I woke up thinking I had to poop. I was afraid from horror storied i heard that I would be up cramping and pooping all night long. So at 5:45 I was like, OH NO THIS IS IT. I didn't have to poop, I was having a moderately strong contraction but was confused in my sleep. I kept having those...
Quote: Originally Posted by amyandelle I had it done with Meadow. I was only dilated to a fingertip and it hurt terribly. I was told that my best chance of going into active labor was to walk. I walked for 8 hours and was finally admitted at 4cm in active labor. Good luck Mama!! Amy I had mine done the other day and it hurt really bad too! When I started reading this forum I was starting to get worried I was the only one that thought it...
He did try to strip the membranes today. He said he did it partially. Last visit he tried but didn't tell me he was about to do that and I reacted to the pain so he stopped and was unsuccessful. This time I said, "DO IT!" not really. He tried. I was very uncomfortable and he stopped even though I was doing my best not to make it think it hurt. I know that is a good way to get things rolling. I guess my cervix is too tender to take it. Or maybe I'm not as tough as I think....
I just chugged 2 oz mixed with ice cubes and oj and cran-grape to make an icy slush. I read that some where. In a few hours I'll do it again if nothing happens. I read that 4 oz is the magic amount. I just didn't want to throw up. I can handle diarrhea, just not vomiting. There is a slick texture in my mouth now. I'm eating a popsicle to get it to go away. I'll try crackers next. Ew.
I'm going to be 40 weeks on Thursday which is 3 days away. I've been having prelabor contraction and a couple of false alarms for weeks. I'm 1-2 dilated and 50% effaced and have been also for weeks. I had to be induced both previous pregnancies because I went well past my due date. I know pitocin is no picnic. This is the most progress I've ever made. I never effaced before. I'm hoping a little castor oil jumpstart will do the trick.
Has anyone here used castor oil to induce? How bad is it? I'm scheduled to be induced Sunday if she isn't born before then. I was thinking about it. I'm a little nervous. Not sure how much. My doula says give it a try. My friends think I'm crazy.
I am gaining so much valuable information from this thread. I was wondering exactly the plug would look like but was so embarassed to ask my real life friends. Thanks for being so candid
I've been bringing caffiene back in my diet too. I cut it out in the beginning because of the nasea. I used to have coffee every morning as my morning ritual. Then it hurt my stomach, so I switched to hot coco. Now I've been slipping some instant cappachino (i can't spell that!) to my cocoa in the morning since I've been so tired! This is what I think is my problem... I am tired in the afternoon, so I take a nap. Then I'm wide awake and on the computer until 2 in the...
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