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I have a TON of old fabrics in my basement and some are from curtains that I had to cut in half. I'm wanting to make picnic blankets (for kids) out of these but am thinking maybe they've been treated with fire retardant stuff. Does laundering make a big difference in this? Is this anything others are concerned about? What about waterproof fabrics? I'm wanting to recycle the stuff local factories don't use anymore and make them into various things for kids too... I...
Quote: Originally Posted by mamajake No case would get to the Supreme Court. There is no legal basis for protection against discrimination unless one falls into a specifically protected class. Blue eyes isn't a protected class. There are very few protected classes. Being Canadian I'm not familiar with the ins and outs of American law...but to me this seems to be a case of discrimination. Under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Emmeline II You could laminate that comment and keep it in your bag--read it to yourself whenever you NIP.
Quote: Originally Posted by purplepaperclip Oh holy hell, it can be "sawing at your nipples with a dull serated knife" pain. Crying while your are holding your newborn to your breast, clenching your teeth, toe-curling, silent screaming pain. And everything was fine. No tongue tie, no latch issues. Just pain in the beginning. If you just founf discomfort consider yourself fortunate. Posted via Mobile Device Same here, with both who both had...
Yay for male lactivists!
I really like her take on it, very gently written. In regards to her sister being disgusted by someone NIP, I still don't believe there's someone out there BF a toddler with both breasts exposed at a restaurant, then changing a diaper on the table. Does anyone know someone who does that? I've never seen it, and I'm starting to feel like this may be similar to Elvis or Big Foot "sightings".
Oh I guess I should mention as well that the main ethnic backgrounds here were Palestinian, and Jordanian...perhaps I should have placed that in the original post.
Great job mama, I've also sent comments to the mall through their site suggesting that they now post "Breastfeeding welcome here" signs throughout the mall.
Great letter and response!
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