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Quote: Originally Posted by boobs4milk dr hale's website dr hale wrote medicine and mother's milk. maybe this will help! good luck! Thank you for this, I had NO idea he actually had a website.
Quote: Originally Posted by sdmoose What is your blood pressure? Don't let those meds keep you from breastfeeding. Shouldn't be a problem. I don't recommend aldomet. I had lots of side effects on it at the end of my pregnancy Thanks, my BP is averaging around 140/95...but I'm super anxious right now and I think it's getting to be a vicious cycle you know? Plus having a screamy toddler & newborn is NOT helping. So did you find it took a while...
I've been on Paxil for about a month now, with hopes that an improvement in my mood would improve my blood pressure, which is high. So far that hasn't happened and I'm looking at possibly having to take BP medications in addition to Paxil. Has anyone had experience with this? My babe is 10 weeks old and I'm determined to BF (BF my toddler until 2 weeks before this one was born!). I'd love to hear if anyone's had experience with this and how you dealt with it... thanks!
Absolutely they should, and judging by the responses of the two actually working in the healthcare field there...they do support it. It's hard to get that message out to everyone (I think security will have it now, loud and clear!)...I think we're still not at that point where "anytime, anywhere" is a given and obvious. You handled it well!
I went through PPD with my first and am currently experiencing it again, although it's manifesting in anger issues rather than crying. For me something that REALLY helped was taking Omega 3,6,9 during pregnancy (as I suffered from depression then too) and taking my dehydrated placenta as a supplement. I'm also doing talk therapy as well as finally biting the bullet and taking anti-depressants. I really hope you can avoid PPD this time, I know how it feels!
i hear stuff like this and I think that "Protecting the Gift" should be mandatory reading for parents.
Quote: Originally Posted by mwherbs so here is my questions do you normally have long periods? When I had them, before taking birth control they would last up to 10 days. do you bleed easily? how about when you have had dental work? No... you had 8 weeks of bleeding previously so a few more isn't abnormal- how active are you? are you doing house work- climbing stairs, picking up a toddler, riding in a car more than 5-10 minutes a day? YUP, YUP, YUP,...
Thanks for the replies everyone! Nothing is ever simple is it? With retained placentas I'm reading that sometimes D & C is done! ACK! I'm finding this a bit scary. I don't think my supply has been compromised, I have a forceful letdown...is it possible to have forceful letdown and low supply at the same time? My head is spinning. Will call the doc on Tuesday.
Hi, has anyone experienced post-partum bleeding for this long? I think I went 8 weeks with my first which was a c-birth. This time I had a tear which hasn't really given me any problems. The bleeding has been on & off and has changed in color from red to pink, gone away for three days, and is now back with small gushes when I stand up. It's dark red with small clots & stringy. No odour now although previous to this it was unpleasant (sorry about the TMI) but not strong...
Thanks everyone! I'm noticing a shift this week, she's actually quite curious about what the word for x or y thing is in Spanish...she'll also point at things and volunteer the Spanish word without being asked! It's quite wonderful! I'm feeling very hopeful and love to see that her curiosity is piqued and she's asking questions. Can't wait to get her in that Spanish preschool! Also waiting on some Spanish vids and have been checking out Spanglish baby as well.
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