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I'm in insane mode right now with a 2.5 & 5 week old girl...so I'll write more later but have ordered a book called "Mother Daughter Wisdom" by Christiane Northrup...I was floored by her other book "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom" and am so excited to see this one, which apparently goes through the many developmental stages as well. I LOVE this author, I feel like she's changed my life and my view of women's health & sexuality.
Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering Because you did nothing wrong, and frankly nothing even abnormal by sane standards. Rushing to explain just seems a bit too defensive or guilty or something, like ringing up out of the blue to say "Oh hey, those plants your daughter saw growing my backyard, they're just carrots, OK? Medicinal carrots..." You know? OMG, thanks for the giggle....medicinal carrots!
Goodness, this thread couldn't have come at a better time as I'm struggling to meet the needs of my 4 week old and 2 1/2 year old! Hugs mama, I'm right there with ya!
I think you did great, about what your DH said...unfortunately things are a LOT different for men in the same situation. Men have to be much more cautious about being left with children that aren't theirs because people are more likely to be suspicious of men's intentions...not saying it's right, but just how it goes.
I'd be pretty bothered by it, especially if they're not asking you if it's ok first.
WHOA. I would definitely tell the parents and not let my LO in that house. A PP made a good point that the parents may not be aware of what the child knows and may go to greater lengths to store their guns/ammo safely if they know.
Quote: Originally Posted by lilyka Amen! We cannot and should not do this alone. my friends don't always parent exactly the way I do but we show each other mutual respect and have even greater compassion for each others children should they need to be seperated from their mother for a while. no one is going to be permanately scarred in a few hours if someone is not the perfect AP parents helper to them. I am mostly a loner at this point but i know in...
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire I don't care what the receptionist thought - she was being rude! ITA with this! I don't see that it was the receptionist's place to mention this anyway. If the chiro mentioned that this interfered with the appt, I'd understand...and maybe try to find a new one. As Moms sometimes taking care of ourselves is already difficult, people like this receptionist make it moreso.
Quote: Originally Posted by alexsam This is a really interesting thread. So, what DO you think should be done/monitored/discussed? I think that looking at BMI as an indicator is helpful, but not as an instant diagnosis! I think that having a dialogue with the parent is useful, asking what the child eats and about activity and following up with recommendations if it seems there's a deficiency or a potential problem....
UGH, my question will forever be, "what if there were no chart?" My first one is skinny and self-weaned 3 weeks ago (two weeks before the arrival of my second)....that earned me two years of being accused of starving her for the sake of BF. This one's a chunker...I think I see what's coming now. :
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