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I don't care so much about the holistic but I'm looking for progressive, open-minded homeschoolers. I"m a half hour north from elkhart
I'm willing to attend a meetup but not host it. If someone wants to host pick a day a few weeks away and message everyone on this thread. we could meet at university park mall kids area. its kind of small but at least its inside and its not mcdonalds playland
You mention Michigan, do you have enough wiggle room in your plans to move nearer to Kalamazoo? They are definitely crunchy and attatched. Paw Paw is a naturalish town (great vegitarian restaurant) and near Kalamazoo but South Bend wouldn't be too far away South Bend isn't great for natural or AP families. It is a very big area (Elkhart, Mishawaka, Granger, South Bend) so you can find like minded families but you have to seek them
warren dunes is great. there is quite the walk from the pavement to the beach and it can be hilly depending on where you park. the campground is great and has a short (one mile?) walk to the beach. st joseph state park is more family friendly. the boardwalk goes to about 20 yards from the water and it has  a large harbor  next to it. my kids love to watch the big boats come and go
Also in the area. I'm a little crunchy but mostly AP 
I'm near three rivers, Mi and semi-crunchy. I don't have any resources for you. I have a 5,  3 and 1 year old. Maybe we could meet for a playdate at a park and set it up on here. I plan to be more active on this forum for the next couple weeks
I'm very involved in my small town homeschool group but its not enough. I host a lot of events and attend everything but its still only 5 events a month. I'm 28 and left-wing and everyone else in the group is 40+ and ultra-conservative.   We live 30 minutes north of Elkhart and are hoping to move to the area in the next couple years. I know of at least two homeschool groups in that area but are there any with younger moms and progressive parents that are very active?
i had an u/s at 20 and 30 weeks and i'm past  the week that twins come by   I figured out the cervix problem. I was feeling between my cervix and vagina and not my cervix opening. My cervix has come forward and now I[m feeling my cervix (wasn't when I made my original post)   as for the fundal height I'm telling myself its a combination of it being a big baby, baby being posterior and my measurements could be off.    I have an OB appt thursday that I plan on...
I'm 38weeks and I have been having false labor for at least a week. It gets worse every few days. I check my cervix every few days and its always been in this shape that's like an oval or crescent. Its like a 5cm diameter circle squished into that shape. The baby has dropped and my cervix has been moving away from posterior. I can't find anything online about this, they always talk about donut shaped cervixes   I've been measuring my fundal height at home about once...
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