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That is exciting. I am having the same fight with BCBS in NH. The closest midwife in Texas (where I am delivering) that is covered is 65 miles away and they refuse to do any kind of exemption since I am PPO. They will only cover as OON. I have stopped fighting for now and will pick back up in a few months. Congratulations!
I am 22 weeks and have gained 10lbs. I started at about 40lbs overweight, so I am trying to keep my weight gain at 25lbs or less. My midwife said she wants me to focus less on lbs and more on what I am putting in my mouth. With DD I was almost 30lbs overweight and gained 34lbs with her. She came 8 days past due and was only 6lbs 12oz. I hope I bake another small baby!
Since you sew, you could easily make something to cover the belly. Find a cheap, big Tshirt, cut off just under your breasts and sew in elastic but something very soft and not tight. Just good enough to keep it from falling off. I have already given up on shirts and I am just trying to live in dresses as much as possible. Some much more comfortable and easier this time around.
I am just glad I found this thread. I was starting to feel very alone. I am beyond frustrated with my DD today. I think it is a mix of an uncomfortable pregnancy momma and a DD who is almost 3YO.
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