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thank you so much for the ideas. i still have so much weight to lose. I just want to be smart about it. it's hard when you know your body is not acting normal. then i was reading all these differing opinions about this idea of starvation mode. it was freaking me out, like i was going to ruin my body and metabolism if i ate 1000 calories, vs. 1500. i love nuts, and have just not been eating them. honestly, i can pound the nuts like noone's business, so i can definitely...
so, i am trying to lose weight. i am using a formula from the biggest loser calorie book for calculating my calories, fat, protein, carbs and fiber. it has been working well so far. the formula is multiplying your weight by 7 to lose weight, and 12 is maintenance weight. here is the deal, though, i gave birth on december 22nd. my daughter was stillborn. this is the first time in over three years that i haven't been pregnant or nursing. i just have no appetite. maybe...
beautiful ammarah! congratulations, serena. much love to you and your family during this beautiful, and exhausting, time.
thank you all for your kind words of love and support. it is incredibly healing to read your messages and see your candles in remembrance of lucia paz. it really brings me much joy to read about our january mamas having their healthy and happy babies, so i will check in from time to time. congratulations to all. i will be posting lucia's birth story in the pregnancy and loss section as i gain emotional strength to write and read about it. much love to all of you on...
just wondering if anyone knows if bach flower essences, specifically rescue remedy, is safe in pregnancy? i am thinking it might be good during the early stages of labor to sleep or chill before the big show. anyone use it for that purpose? or any other experiences? thanks all.
dare to dream is just about right. :
alrighty, so it is great that DTD is a natural way to induce labor, at least I enjoy it. maybe this is a stupid question, but here it goes. i know semen contains prostaglandins which helps the uterus contract, hence, the male orgasm matters, but does the woman's orgasm matter? what i mean is, besides the benefit of good feelings, does it matter if the pregnant lady is having an orgasm or not? will that help things progress? thanks all!
i was having a contraction today, and i bent over and put my hands on the ottoman, and started sort of breathing harder, and then i see my daughter looking at me, bent over her little itty bitty chair, breathing hard too. so cute, she is also always running in the room, lifting my shirt, and feeding my belly whatever it is she is eating. it's why i call her little mama.
yes, definitely. i was in the hospital being monitored yesterday, and they were telling me i was having BHs almost every two minutes, and i felt nothing, but every ten minutes or so, i could feel a contraction, which was achey.
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