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HI all and congrats! I'm 38 this is second pregnancy and I can't wait to tell our daughter when it's time.  Due August 2.   Pudlenka: We are not tellinog our daughter until 12 weeks.  I am sorry you went through that.  I just thought that while adults can handle potential loss, and kids certainly can, I think the wait will feel SO LONG anyway, why not tell her when I'm more certain and it's a tad closer.  My daughter is 4.5 and will be thrilled so it's also I do'nt want...
And if you have any questions for her before your meeting I wouldn't hesitate to ask - it can be hard not being attached to someone yet when things come up!
You can tell her it's Carissa- I forget the threads are odd names.   Glad we are both NYC and so close in due date!
Wanted to say thanks for all the responses, now years later-- we are having a second :) and the responses helped!
Hi all and congrats!   Just wanted to share what I'm taking but mainly share the brand of prenatals I've found to be really easy to take- liquid and not bad tasting:  Buried Treasure PreNatal Plus DHA complete- veggie safe and it's a sweet like liquid.   Gotta run but thought I"d share!
Hi all and congrats!   I just joined, had a homebirth for our now 4.5yo, am 38 and looking forward to (knock wood) another homebirth.  I am only just hearing about the Marteni-T test, and have done VERY little research except to say that my midwife doesn't seem very thrilled about it as sometimes the cells they wind up testing are placental as opposed to fetal (?- I didn't ask much about it) which can cause false positives.   Any thoughts? thanks all! 
I also think it says something if you havne't heard from someone within a few days.  I would not hire anyone that waited that long.
Did Kristen suggest Barri? Because I birthed with Kristen for my first homebirth and was upset that she couldn't work with me (though she was remarkable and kind) and she suggested Barri, her own backup- and I met with her and am VERY happy already.  Even though I'm just at 6 weeks, I have been as sick as I have been in my life and Barri's attention and attitude and care has been a godsend.    crowningcomforts@gmail.com - Barri.    I found her response to be warm,...
Hi all! been offline a few weeks, just wanted to say hi. In a quick reply, if I EVER used my weeklies, I gained. I don't even use activity points unless I am maintaining. peppermint patties are helpful for me- 3 points for 3 little ones I think. What has really helped me get to my (now lower) weight has been consistency- just getting to the gym 5/7 days even if I do'nt kick ass each time. Honestly it's like my body has reset somehow- I don't seem to gain AS...
Thank you. Just to be full circle and let people know the (current) outcome- I have decided that for now, we are an only child family. And if that changes, I will face that decision when and if it changes. but to live wondering if I should and how I will feel at a certain point wasn't helping anything. So for now, we are a little family of 3, and we feel complete. Possibly, like someone mentioned, by the time I am ready they will be too far apart to be close (as...
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