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nevermind!! Sorry
DD is 8, about 4' 4" maybe and somewhere around 65 pounds.  I came on to look for booster recommendations because I think she's outgrowing her Regent.  We use the regents in my van, where they mostly are, but my husband's car just has boosters for both DD and DS (who is 6, 4' 55 pounds).
I agree $7K is really cheap, our school is more than that for half day.  I pay $13,500 for elementary.   Sounds like your daughter would do well in Montessori, but that it is clearly a budget issue there.   One thought though - if the school was telling me they wanted my daughter to skip a grade I would be concerned about doing it for developmental reasons.  I'm not sure I would want my child to be so much younger than the rest of her class throughout her...
We do a birthday walk.  Sometimes parents will bring in a special healthy treat, but generally food is not involved in the birthday celebration.  The parents come in and bring pictures of the child at each age and they walk around the candle/sun setup (not sure if you have seen this) holding the globe, each time representing a year of their life and talk about what they did at that age, etc.
My daughter is in 2nd grade right now at a Montessori school, just to address your concern about things like the beads - they do eventually learn to do math on paper too :)   They learn with the bead frames, but they also do regular tests for addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc on paper as well.   I think you should talk with the teachers at the montessori school you'll be sending her to, what would she miss? At our school, many things are just moved through...
Hey, I haven't been around much, but i figured MDC was the place to ask this! My SIL's baby shower is tomorrow and we are doing this thing where you bring a book in lieu of a card and write something to the child in the book. I'm terrible at thinking of these things! Anyway, anyone have any suggestions for things I could say to my unborn niece or nephew (they are waiting to find out) - even just a phrase or nice poem you can think of might help me out of my writers block!
I used Kaplan's, it was pretty good I guess, comes with a CD-Rom for practice.
Quote: Originally Posted by CarrieMF I'd like to know how they got the spin bikes up there without anyone noticing & it seemed like they had them up there a few days. You can't sneak 1 much less 2 spin bikes. It depends on what people are doing, its a big ranch, people may be pretty scattered - I remember Abby saying she climbed a mountain one day, and that wasn't part of the show, so they may all be off doing things. However, I feel its more...
Quote: Originally Posted by coleslaw I have to admit that I didn't understand why Liz voting off Amanda was game play? I would think voting off Shea would be playing the game, like the others did. I was very confused by that. I was the opposite, I didn't understand why anyone would think voting Shay off is game play. She lost 17 pounds and yet still fell below the yellow line, she isn't a threat, she's so big and she's a woman, if she were a...
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