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im planning a vba2c at my local hospital there was only one OB that would take me!
thats awesome!!!!!!
aww man im sorry hope you heal fast! glad u and baby are ok tho!
i dont believe i have posted in here yet! i have been posting/lurking in VBAC lol just wanted to say Hi, and wish everyone a healthy and happy 9m!!! as of today im 14weeks 1 day and due jan 12
thats AWESOME!! woohoo!
yay! congrats!
oh hes soooooooooooo cute!!! great story! i cant wait for mine!
the flip covers (mainly the drk blue and zinnia i think) have a bit of color that might bleed and stain your other diapers so the pre wash is to insure that you get off the extra die and not have it bleed in the wash...i just washed mine a couple times and it was fine...but i had a green. i just got the drk blue and wil wash it w/my towels for a few times
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