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Quote: Originally Posted by 2M's Mom Sounds suspicious - but, it's her life, and maybe she wants to keep this private? Yeah, that.
I probably wouldn't believe it, but I would wonder why she felt like she needs to lie about it. It doesn't seem like it's anybody's business, except maybe the children's father.
Quote: Originally Posted by KatherineNaomi We love our Wii and Wii Fit. I've lost 6 lbs since getting the Wii Fit a month ago. Bye bye baby weight!! We're also having a lot of fun with the new Indiana Jones Lego game. What exercises do you focus on? I find the aerobic exercises aren't really enough for me to burn fat. The only one that gets me out of breath is the hula hoop and I don't seem myself being able to do that for 30 minutes. I do...
Quote: Originally Posted by Kirsten No kidding! A nurse who couldn't get through even the earliest, basic courses. Who is AFRAID to go to writing lab. Who is very sensitive and can't handle criticism all that well. Who is fine with cheating her way through college prep for a NURSING CAREER???? I'm sorry but I hold people who are responsible for the health of others to a little higher standard than that. People are TRUSTING that their health care...
That is so weird. I have a friend with a pit bull named Chula. She'd be around that age too. I'm not sure what she looks like though.
I still think it was rude, but I can understand her not wanting to waste the food. I probably wouldn't be making her any more "just because" gifts any mroe though because I'd be afraid she'd reject those too.
Thinking of your dd. I hope it is pnemonia and it responds to treatment so your little one doesn't have to have the bronchoscopy done. Hope she's feeling better soon.
Quote: Originally Posted by ashesofyou Oh he is ADORABLE!!! I love his head full of thick dark hair, and those huge puppy dog eyes! Off to check out your myspace He is gorgeous! No question. I secretly always hoped my kids would look similar, with dark hair and eyes. Looks like they're going to have my mousy brown hair and hazel eyes, but they're still beautiful anyway. I thought my ds was the cutest baby ever, even though he had...
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