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I haven't been on here in a LONG time and just noticed this post. Any luck getting this group formed? I've been teaching Bradley for 23 years now and sometimes feel the need for a teacher connection!
Try the DONA website's Directory www.dona.org  or Doula Match  www.doulamatch.net.   I'm a doula in NC which is a little out of my travel zone or I would help you. Good luck and Congrats!
Sorry you had to go through that! If you send me your email I will send you the list I compliled from the birth classes I teach. I asked my former students who they use and why they like them and then just let my current students have the list to give them a starting point. I think a few of them mention what their doctors views are on vaccines. I hear Dr. Young is great, it may be worth the drive. Your kids probably don't get sick too often as I'm sure they were...
www.horrockshomes.com   Rentals and Homes for sale.
www.trianglechildbirth.com     Would be happy to help!
BR gets more impressive with each passing day. AAHCC seems to be trying to swim against the current. I noticed they added an ad on their website which has always been against their policies. The ad is for products which are probably not going to be supported by most of the teachers. Good grief, what next??
JessicaE, you took the words right out of my mouth. When I first read all the stuff out there I thought it was odd that things were put in place that quickly. I have been teaching for 20 yrs and it is sad that things couldn't have been avoided. The back and forth is an everyday event now and I'm getting tired of it. I'm glad to know that some of you have switched over to other organizations successfully. I think sometimes we get so comfortable in what we are doing that...
About your thoughts about what's happening. I feel left in limbo right now.
Just a few insights from a doula with 14 yrs experience in the Triangle. Kamm McKenzie used to have midwives and were a group I used to recommend all the time for hospital births. I will still recommend them since I have still seen many great experiences. They are a big group and like any big group you may not like every doctor in the group. The older doc's have been there for years on end are very good at what they do. I have had many mom's over the years who have used...
I have used Dr. Sandy Hoyte at women's primary care. http://www.womensprimarycare-raleigh.com/wpc2.htm I'm with you, don't need the birth end of things anymore...only teach others about birth! This is the one and only primary care practice just for Women run by Women! I have been going to her for probably 12 plus years and have always had a good experience. She is very earth friendly in her practice. The thing I like best is that she takes the time with each patient,...
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