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I realize this thread is several years old, but wanted to share a quick run-down on my current situation with cps. DD15 has bipolar disorder, and is under the care of a psychiatrist. I recently had an operation on my shoulder, and on the day of my surgery she gained access to my rx pain pills. My mom had left them out on the counter inadvertently, I think because I was still under anesthesia & she didn't know my lock box code. Anyway, it took a few days to discover what...
 Welcome :)
You're so right, it IS a whole lot cheaper to make your own room. I never thought of using one of those, but in my apt, I would worry that it would be too big. That might be a great idea if I had a garage to set it up in. Could probably modify it from the inside to seal it from light/air exchanges...     I need something about the size of a filing cabinet though, that's all I have room for here. Wish I knew someone that was good at carpentry, I would love to have a sealed...
I really cant afford anything extravagant but it seems like a good option. If you're handy you could reasonably build a DIY for tons less $$, but I am not so much
Hi! I've been looking for a reliable 'turn key' grow box to purchase. I can't grow outside, and don't have much room inside either. I've been looking long and hard, and some of them are pretty expensive. But as far as smell, you would want one that's sealed really good, and that has a carbon filter. I'm sure it wouldn't completely eliminate all the smell but it should help... I'll post some links to a few so you get the idea.  I haven't figured out which seller/mfg are...
Hey all!! Just bumping this thread to see if it's worth it to start a new season! Haven't been on in forever, but I've been MIA you could say... Just received my Medical Mj card in the mail this week after a 5 month wait... Dealing with severe and chronic pain from 2 herniated discs at C5-6 & C6-7. Mj is a lifesaver in dealing with all my momma duties to DD13 & DS10 <3 Love and light to all!!
I am now logging in to MDC exclusively via my iPhone and would like to know how to change over to the mobile skin. I just can't find the link for it. My phone uses safari FWIW. Thanks
Hello again all! I've been gone for waaaay too long I've missed everyone so!   I finally finished school in October and was working until about a week ago when I was laid off. So, now I have more time to catch up with all of you!
Quote: Originally Posted by canadianhippie hey mamas! sorry, sorry I havent been around, i started college and am keeping my part-time job, spare time is spent sleeping and looking after my son, and toking! lol congrats on your pregnancy annaconda! thats wonderful i liked reading all about amsterdam, I saw a friend a few weeks ago back from university in france and she said weed in amsterdam is very expensive and hopes it doesnt become legal in...
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