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Guess there aren't many flute playing mamas out there?   Just heard about this on a yahoo group, am going to give it a try:   http://shop.magicofwaldorf.com/
I have a Choroi Quinta, and I would like to learn to play it (I do not read music or know how to play any instruments).  Where do you suggest I start?   Thanks!
Try MainLesson.com in the kindergarten section for stories... I love The Singing Day and the Singing Year for songs (book w/cd).  At such a young age I also think making up simple stories is sometimes easier than finding engaging ones. =)  You may also look into Christohperus' "Joyful Movement" book... and I am able to find thick books of Fingerplays/Rhymes at the library. You can also see if your library can order a copy of A Child's Seasonal Treasury from another...
Bumping this thread back up with a book giveaway (The Kingdom of Childhood) & Summer Reading Challenge (winner to get $50 in books of their choice from Steinerbooks.org!!), here:   http://cedarringmama.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/summer-dreaming-giveaway/   Oh and til midnight tonight a learning tower from Living Crafts magazine:   http://www.livingcrafts.com/blog/      
I am planning on getting this (as a birthday present) and putting it in a patch of the garden we aren't planting to keep DS close by and occupied while I weed:   http://stores.cedarringcircle.com/-strse-855/Sandbox-Backhoe/Detail.bok   Love the free shipping!
If you like beeswax candles, this is the giveaway for you!  Also includes a playsilk.   http://cedarringmama.wordpress.com/2011/03/20/spring-equinox-giveaway/            
I really want to like this company but it kind of creeps me out that they are the cheapest source of Waldorf toys and woolens, and their products are made in China.  I am not saying there aren't great communities in China and the people their are not skilled artisans who lovingly make the products.  But if they cost so much less and can deep discount, is that not indicative of a lower standard of living for the people making these (even if Hestia claims it stimulates the...
Wouldn't sharing these things decrease everyone's odds of winning?   Ah well, this one is a giveaway for a fitted diaper and double-knit wool soaker...   http://cedarringmama.wordpress.com/2011/03/03/woolens-and-a-giveaway/   It ends tomorrow...   Soulemama does lots on her blog too, but nothing at the moment.
Have you seen what Eileen offers in the way of afterschool Waldorf enrichment at Little Acorn Learning?  Her guides are easy to follow and give you a plan full of rhythm and craft and seasonal activities for children to supplement your afternoons/evenings at home together.  
    Thanks for this link I love the little washboards on their site!  I found an old enamel washbasin at a yard sale and now we can wash doll clothes on laundry day.   http://www.lehmans.com/store/Home_Goods___Laundry___Washing___Lehman__x27_s__xAE__Own_Washboards___66DHWB?Args=   
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