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I am moving there from Alaska......looking for some like-minded Mamas!
Hello. I am currently living in Alaska and considering moving to New Hampshire in the next 6 months. I am a registered nurse and would like to work at Dartmouth Medical Center. Can anyone tell me anything about the surrounding communities? Which are most kid friendly for modest income? We have a 5-year old, 3-year old, and 22 month old. The 5-year old will start kindergarten. Any information would be much appreciated!!
feeling some flutters here also the past few days........... wasn't sure if i was imagining it!!! almost 2 weeks now!
Is he feeling really fearful? Would he be willing to read a book about birth choices. I really liked Dr. Sear's Birth Choices book. It was telling to read a book by a physician and nurse who had MOST of their children at home with midwives!
I'm sorry too Heather!!!!!!!! I'll be thinking of you.
Jaundice is the result of the NORMAL breakdown of red blood cells. For whatever reason, if a newborn is unable to fully break down the bilirubin (usually due to immature liver), this causes jaundice. The bilirubin is the by-product of the red blood cells and it is excreted through the infant's stool. That's why they encourage more frequent feedings. Often, more conservative docs want supplementation to be on the "safe" side. In RARE, RARE cases, if untreated, it can...
so sorry, Sara! take care of yourself, mama! rest.............pamper yourelf.........you deserve it. i'll be thinking of you and sending you healing vibes.
It is funny to have 3 Alaskans here. I'm originally from the East coast though.........We're in Juneau....... i'll have to update my location......i wrote that last year when it snowed over 200 inches........ right now, its the RAINFOREST it usually is!!! working night shift tonight...............ugh! I've only been here 4 hours so far and I've got 8 to go!
Shanana - sorry you are feeling so down today. If it makes you feel any better my house is a disaster too!!
hello! i am just starting to get into the thick of morning sickness.........ugh...... my 2 kids don't know about the pregnancy...... one is only 11 months and i'm waiting to really tell the almost 3 year old though he says he'd love another baby in the house........ i had some bleeding so they ordered an early ultrasound for me........ we saw the heartbeat which was a nice relief! 160!! also, it looks like there were 2 sacs at one point and the one has now...
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