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AlexisT, we know the date of conception so I'm imagining there is little possibility dates were off.  Yes, I feel you on "buying time."  Something to note when we're ready to make decisions about provider..... THank you!    
I'm in a similar situation - about which I posted last night - though only planning for a third pregnancy.  My post-date pregnancies, big babies and my second's failure to engage/descend (and become distressed as a result) is leaving me wondering about how to proceed in the next pregnancy.  SAMarshall, how are you feeling about the chiropractic support you're receiving?  What kind of provider did you choose and why?   MomRunner, I hope all these responses feel...
Interesting.  Yes, my d levels were checked about a year ago and I was deficient......I wonder if you remember where you read the connection between vit d and labor.....I poked around vitamindcouncil.org briefly but didn't find reference to it.  Perhaps I'll do more investigating.  Very intriguing!!  Thank you.    
Thanks so much for your replies - and the deep sharing.  Very meaningful.  My midwife had me on 5-W in pregnancy number 2.  Can't quite remember if her intentions were use of it for labor encouragement.  
Pregnancy with babe #1 went 42 weeks and required induction with castor oil.  DD had shoulder dystocia at 9 lb. 3 oz.  Frightening delivery.  Pregnancy with babe #2 went 43 weeks and required induction with castor oil and blue & black cohosh tincture combined.  DS was born at 9 lb. 10 oz. and required transport for emergency cesarean after 4 hrs. of pushing and no descent but distressed baby (the rare cephalopelvic disproportion it seems?).   Recovery from this...
I've been welcomed to join here.  Thank you for that.   I posted a separate thread requesting support as I thrust myself into the new world of consciously creating routine and ritual for my 2 1/2-year-old daughter and was directed here.    My story: I began making phone calls to preschools for the fall and......ugh.  Waitlists, pressure, competition, cost, reduced time together.....I began tuning into my intuition and hearing that it didn't feel right.  I want to...
Thank you, Revolting.  I just requested this book from our local library!
This concept is brand new to me but I am suddenly overwhelmed by excitement over the possibilities. DD is almost 2 yrs 9 mo and I'll be working to provide this with her 9 month old brother in tow. Where do I begin? Philosophies? Activities? Intentions? Curriculum? Finding others in my community? Carving out the time, energy & space? Anyone have suggestions or experiences to share? So thankful in advance. Warmly, Maria
Some wonderful suggestions here. I entered this space because I - FEEL - DONE. DD is 28 months. Though DD truly adores her brother, her regression came in the form of need for diapers, bottles and increased nursing. I don't know anything about weaning and suppose it is time to pick up "Mothering Your Nursing Toddler" and "How Weaning Happens" in order to make some decisions because she is waking in the night 2-3x, screaming until she nurses, waking her brother....and...
Has anyone ever used hemp nursing pads and, if so (and satisfied), what kind? Preparing for baby #2 in April and would like to try hemp this time.... Thank you!
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