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his longest stretch is about an hour. :/   we saw the chiro last night, and he seems a little better last night/today but its hard to tell because DS1 now has the tummy bug so I've had to lay the baby down to clean up puke/poop all morning and he has been screaming a lot. :( :(
the gas/fussiness has definitely returned in addition to watery poops. *sigh*   going to try and do the chiro tonight, and maybe some gripe water..
i havent been eating any of those foods either. last night i had a smoothie with lots of fruit and i think it irritated him.. he was super fussy/gassy all night and has been today. boo. and yes i tried every soothing technique out there (my first two were very colicky so i am very familiar with the attempts to soothe in many different ways) but each only "works" for a short time.
((hugs)) mamas... nice to know I'm not alone. IRL I don't have a lot of people who have such sensitive babes!   I started block feeding, and already seeing a difference!!!!! He's been much more mellow since yesterday afternoon, slept decently last night (woke up 5-ish times to nurse but was easily settled) and has been super calm so far today.... However, my DS2 has come down with a throwing-up-bug so I am PRAYING that DS3 and I don't get it!
already dairy free, and yet my 12 day old is gassy. He has been since Day 1, but it seems to be increasing and bothering him more and more. He is also showing signs of reflux. He has been pretty fussy and difficult to soothe as well. Last night he had a 30 minute time period where he was fussing/crying and pretty inconsolible. I've already dealt with 2 colicky/refluxy/food sensitive babies, and we seem to be heading there again. :( I thought by cutting dairy early this...
anyone have a good rec for an herbal tea for postpartum/nursing/in general?? Right now I have been drinking a Pregnancy Tonic Tea that has Raspberry leaf, Stinging Nettles leaf, Oatstraw and Alfalfa leaf. I definitely don't need something to boost my milk supply (I have oversupply issues!), but looking for something with lots of good nutrients just to help with overall health/immune support, etc.. I could just keep drinking the Pregnancy Tea too? Just getting to the...
Do you feel comfortable with/ are you happy with your birth experience? by far my best birth.. it was so gradual that it took me forever to believe i was IN LABOR! it was a very peaceful birth   How are things going with your LO? pretty well, he is perfectly healthy and beautiful.. he seems like he may be another non-sleeping high-needs baby like his brothers were though.. which has been tough. thankfully DH has been here taking care of everything so all i have...
Talley Morgan E*** was born February 10, 2013 (on my brother's birthday, whose middle name is also Morgan!!) after a very peaceful 6 hour labor. This was my first time going into labor completely on my own, and it took me forever to really believe I was IN LABOR! He was born at home, in the water! Weighing in at 9 lbs 8 oz's! born at 40 wks 4 days.. he is nursing great, and is such a blessing already!   will post pics and more detailed story later :)
I think it is GREAT that you are content to stay pregnant. :) I wish I had that patience! I think next time I will definitely PLAN THINGS during the last month+ of pregnancy, because this time I had everything planned to be done by the time I hit 37 weeks and I have been so BORED for the last month! lol.. I think being pregnant in the winter makes a difference to in terms of the "boredness" because we've been homebound for the last month and unable to get outside much....
Congrats on the birth, hope you are healing quickly!   Willa is actually the girl's name we have had picked out since I was pregnant with DS1... so far we haven't been able to use it. ;)
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