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Quote: Originally Posted by Pinoikoi a bazillionairess with no kids to feed... With her own chef and nutritionist to boot!
Well, today is my due date and I am really bummed...I've had two/three weeks now of prodromal labor and last night had about 2 hrs of mild contractions that I thought might be it...NOPE. That said, I've always gone a little over...but this time I just **knew** I was going early. I am thinking that it isn't happening anytime soon...so I can commisserate. The hard part is that I have no family support - and my boys have major cabin fever - but every time we go...
Welll...I shook it, opened it, smelled it and tasted it - it looks, smells and tastes like regular ole buttermilk! No curdles or anything...and I did some googling - seems like buttermilk is pretty good for a while after the sell by as long as it hasn't been opened. Thanks everyone for your responses! Traci
[QUOTE=Think of Winter;12936040]I'd shake it up, open it, and taste it. /QUOTE] Well this is buttermilk - so it already tastes off to me! Just to clarify - 12/23 wasn't the expiration date - it was the sell by date...I understand that to be very different.... Any other thoughts out there? Traci
Unopened buttermilk. Sell by date of 12/23. I would like to use today to make buttermilk biscuits. The original intention was for cinnamon buns at Christmas - but I was an overwhelmed pregnant woman! LOL. Thanks - BTW - like everyone (it seems) our grocery budget is TIGHT and I don't like to waste food... Traci
Health care could end up be rocky...depending on the Universal health Care Plan...I know several people in health care now that are feeling unsure about their futures. I am assuming your dad would want to work another 10 yrs? If he takes the engineering/cad route - he may also be able to teach a class at a community college later on...or a few classes - after retirement for supplemental income...
Not sure if you frequent this forum frequently - but I wanted to add that I bet you will "find" more money than you think if you implement ideas from the posters on the Frugality forum! You might be able to put more towards the debt than you are anticipating now! So you could stay home, feel somewhat comfortable and put money towards debt. : Best wishes to you in making a decison that works for your family!
Ooooh...I think this can be very complicated. When I was working (before kids) - we worked in sales and our manager was very cool - it was all females and we would go in on a nice personal gift together -but there were like 5-6 of us and so the price was reasonable. She often would take us all out to a lavish lunch somewhere - and give us a nice ornament or bottle of wine. Otherwise the gift giving was non -existent. Is your Dh comfortable with this? (It sounds like he...
Thanks! This is just validating that we've been thinking! We are going to ask if we can drive it for a day and have our mechanic check it out! Any other thoughts out there? Traci
We are looking at buying a mini van from a private seller. It is a 2005 Toyota Sienna - good condition. Blue book value and asking price are similar. The seller had a carfax report which was clean (I know they are not always accurate). Here is the dilemna. 1. We are in Va. The van's plates are California. The seller said he just moved from there. 2. We are having some difficulty (due to nationalities) understanding the ownership of this van. It sounds like he...
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