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It has resolved. This was quite a while ago now, all has been well ever since. `
We took him to the Dr. and there was some bacteria in his urine sample, so a possible UTI.  We ended up giving him an antibiotic, at that point I was feeling desperate and just wanted his pain to go away, which seemed to have helped a little, but about a couple weeks later he had the pain again.  I think that he never had an UTI and had some painful separation going on. 
I am interested to see what others have to say about this as well.  I have a sensitive 5 yr. old boy, who doesn't have trouble making friends, but he doesn't know how to act when someone isn't nice too him.  He gets really upset and usually ends up crying.  I kinda feel like he might be an easy target for bullying and it worries me and my DH.  We are wondering what to do as well.  We try to talk to him about feelings and labeling those feelings, but I don't know how to...
I have the same problem with my 9 month old.  He's just so juicy sweet I guess.  Unfortunately, I have yet to find anything that works.  I have recently gotten a bit scared by West Nile Virus, so I am not sure what to do next, the natural stuff in my experience does not seem to work on him, and tends to be really too essential oil smelling.  I try not to put him in the grass as much, as that tends to be where the mosquitoes hid in my backyard, I guess I don't know...
If it is an UTI, would it be possible for it to go away with just lots of water and cranberry juice?  There seems to be differing opinions on the internet.  Also, he says it doesn't hurt as much anymore, just a little.  
He doesn't have any other signs - that's why it seems like it isn't and UTI  
He usually doesn't urinate at night, but has been waking up and needing to go to the bathroom.  He does seem very tired, but I believe that he is in pain, and it goes away after the erection goes down.  He says that it kinda burns, but he has no other signs of a UTI.
This has happened 2 nights in a row now.  He wakes up and says he has to go to the bathroom, everything seems fine, and then he starts screaming in pain saying that his penis hurts.  It is clearly erect and he screams and cries until the erection goes down.  The next day, everything is fine.  He gets erections without pain and normally pees without pain as well, but the two combined seem to be causing the problem.  My DH wants to take him to a Dr.  I don't know any Dr....
I have tried drops of my milk right after I have expressed it and it tasted fine.  Recently I tried some after it had been frozen and it tasted really strong, kinda soapy with a metallic aftertaste.  I only work 2x a week (fri&sat).  So the baby gets frozen, thawed milk the first day and fresh milk the second day.  We have noticed DS 3.5 months taking less and less from the bottle, could the taste be the cause or does this just taste bad to me?  I feel bad for him, I...
Once we had our second baby I was nervous too.  I think that I am so used to sleeping with a 4 year old that a newborn seemed so tiny to me and I had to remember all the sleeping rules again.  I definitely sleep in between my kids.  I would not trust the two of them next to each other, so it seems that you are doing fine.  Does the sleeping pad that you are looking at different than sleeping next to the wall?
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