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Anyone giving their babes Vit. D drops?  I never had to worry about it with DS because he was born in May and we were outside a lot.  This time around, basically going into winter I worry about it a bit more, but haven't really done anything about it yet.  I take vit. D when I remember, but is that enough to pass through to my LO?
Still have to get my birth story together, but in the meantime, introducing, Hugo Jones...    
So, the night after I posted this I went into labor!  Even though, I technically delivered in Oct.  I kept with the theme of our Sept. due date club and had about a 4 hour total labor and almost didn't make it to the hospital- more story and pictures to come.
My DH has been taking time off of work and we have had the most amazing weather these past couple of weeks.  So yes, spending family time together with just the 3 of us has been really great.  I just can't believe how crazy it is making other people that I have gone past my date, it's kind of strange, I never expected to feel so harassed.  Thanks for the support ladies!
I was due Sept. 29th, and I knew exactly what my dates were.  I also went a couple of days early with DS, so even though I know babies come on their own time, I really had it in my head that this babe would have been here by now.  Anyone else having an Oct. baby?
Such perfect babies - it's gets me so excited to meet my own!
A long time ago, I said I was joining this chat and never really followed through, although I have been reading along.  Anyone else still waiting for their bundles to arrive, or am I the only one?  My EDD was yesterday.
she looks just like your picture!  amazing
I am so sorry that your having trouble - I felt the same way with DS until someone showed me how to grab a hold of my breast and and gently squeeze it until your nipple is firmly pointed out, then take babies head and direct it right on the nipple, making sure he really opens his mouth all the way before you let him latch on, you can do this by rubbing near his chin or cheek so his mouth is wide.  If he doesn't get it correctly, put your finger in between his mouth and...
What a great birth story - it sounds like you really stayed leveled headed throughout - congratulations!
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