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Quote: Originally Posted by lmk1 It's hard to see your kids cry, but at some point he needs to figure out how to get his needs met. HTH I never said he isn't getting his needs met. He is usually just fine until someone knocks him down or hits him.
I don't think he is always hurt when he cries, but yes, when he gets hit hard or bit, he obviously is. But otherwise, no I don't think it is my reaction that makes him upset either, even when he can't see me, he will start to cry. I think that he is just really sensitive, which is something that I love about him. I agree that kids should try to work things out, but I am not comfortable sitting back and "waiting" for a physical situation to get serious, especially with...
DS is 17 months and always getting pushed around by other toddlers. Older, younger, boys, girls, toddlers who can communicate, some who can't. I just can't handle it. I know it is suppose to be a "normal" part of toddlerhood, but what happens when it is always your kid getting bullied? He doesn't fight back, he just makes a look like "why are you doing that to me?" and then typically he starts to cry. It just breaks my heart to see that. I also don't want him to...
DS, 17months, nurses way more than that, but if he didn't I think I would remind him if he was acting fussy. Otherwise, I would just let it be, especially if engorgement isn't an issue.
My DS, (17months) also doesn't really say much an "outsider" would understand, but if he uses the word consistently for example, giraffe is "giraaa" then that is his word for it, and that counts. At least I count it.
My DS is a toddler, but this question is about his cousin. SIL has very different parenting ideas than we do, so it is hard to have conversations with them about it, but sometimes it is so hard for me not to say anything. For example, they just went for nephews 2 mnth apt. The dr told them they needed to get the baby his own bedroom or he is going to develop poor sleep habits for the rest of his life, by the way, they don't actually even cosleep but they only have a one...
when you say she does not talk minus a few words. Do you mean she does say those words? If she does say them, she is talking.
Quote: Originally Posted by prancie I think 17 months is too young for the park unless you are there with your older kids too. This sounds a little extreme, not going to the park isn't really an option for us. DS is so good at climbing, running and going down slides, and I can't replicate those kind of activities in our house.
Today at the park DS (17mnth) really wanted to play with the other kids. They were all older than him and I could tell that they didn't want to play with a "baby". Then DS kept trying to engage their Dad's. Kinda chasing after them, wanting them to run after him, he would even pretend to fall down and then hold his arms out for them to pick him up. He did this to 3 different men. I kept trying to distract him and get him to play with something else, but he wouldn't...
DS had really runny poops until we discovered a dairy allergy, then "magically" poops were solid, skin was better and so was his personality.
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