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This sounds silly to me. When I was sick last year, the last thing I would have wanted was to sit around pumping breastmilk. DH would bring in DS, plop him on the bed next to me to nurse and then take him away to let me sleep. What baby is going to leave Momma alone just because she is doesn't feel well?
I'm so glad you posted this, I forgot that I also did not want to take DS to his 18 mnth, I had just forgotten though and DH just yesterday was talking about making his apt soon. I think we might also pass.
Thanks for the replies. The pics were particularly helpful, the smegma pearls look almost identical to the bump on DS's penis- I feel much better
I wish, a nap sounds nice right now...
DS is 17 months and yesterday while in the bath, I noticed a lump on his penis. It has the same texture as the ring around the head of the penis and about the size and shape of a small bean. I have been trying to find info and think that it is possibly smegma? but am not really sure, as I don't exactly know what smegma is suppose to look like. Any insight would be greatly appreciated
We used to have ds's crib set up in his room and finally dismantled it and made it into a playroom. I would recommend just cleaning it up a bit and having another space where you feel comfortable spending time with your LO. Our house is really small, so now that ds is older, we try to use every inch that is available to us. You don't have to do it all right now either, we finally did more to his room around a year when he really started to move.
Today while I was at work I was informed that DS did not take a nap. He was fighting it so much that DH just gave up, the same thing almost happened with us the day before, but I kept trying for a very long time and finally DS caved. So anyway, when I got home I fully expected a trantrum throwing, crazy, overtired toddler, but this wasn't the case. Yes, he was a little more sensitive but otherwise he was just fine, and then tonight he fell asleep within 15min. No fight...
My DS is 16 months and the same way. If it is a short trip, then I try to talk with him, roll down the window, sing etc. If it is a long trip, like it was for us last weekend, 3 hrs. We stopped to nurse and then he still screamed when we put him back in, so the only option we had was to ignore it, because talking to him was not helping and I was losing my mind. At some point I felt like my talking to him was actually making him more upset, so we just rolled down the...
DS 16 months does the same. I always liked this about him. I think that it is sweet that he doesn't mind sharing and is pretty chill when all the other toddlers are screaming. I'm guessing it might change when they get older or if they REALLY want something. In the meantime, just enjoy it.
I am trying to do the same with DS 16 months. What I have been doing is when DS wakes up to nurse, I nurse him like an infant, trying to give him a really good nursing session and not just letting him fall asleep on the boob. I keep rousing him gently so he will nurse longer with the hopes that a full tummy will keep him asleep a little longer. I even sit up with him in my lap instead of the lying down position. Good Luck!
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