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DS has never babbled very much, but always just made the cut off for what he "should" be saying/babbling at certain ages. I always thought he was a little behind and would eventually catch up to his peers, he is 16 mnths and says only about two or so words, and not consistently. I have brought this up at his Dr apt. and she agrees that he doesn't say much, but said that she wouldn't be worried until about 18 months. I think I have actually heard him say more, but then I...
Do they come in different colors?
The first set of molars have been torture. DS was literally "cutting" them for two months! Just the other day I realized how less often he was nursing and fussing and I took a peek in his mouth and sure enough, they were both through- poor babies.
My nephew hit his head really hard and they found out he had a concussion. I would call a nurse hotline and watch for symptoms of him sleeping too much and not waking easily.
Thanks for the responses ladies. I was planning on waiting a couple of months longer, like you said, I think sometimes he nurses more while teething, and I should probably wait till the big ones are through. I also like the idea of letting DH stay in the room with him, DS knows that there is no milk with Daddy and seems ok with it, whereas if I am there telling him "no milk" he just gets upset.
DS is 16 months and honestly has never woken up less than 5 times a night to nurse. We cosleep and up until he turned about 12 mnths I really didn't mind, now I do. I just can't sleep through it like I used to, it is really making me miserable. I don't even know where to begin. He has only ever fallen back asleep with my boob in his mouth, I have tried a couple of times to sing to him, rub his back, rock him or try to tell him that "milk is sleeping" but he just starts...
My DS is the same age and also does not play alone very well, but there are a couple of things lately that he does enjoy. He loves fitting objects into holes, for example, he has a little tool box that has different sized holes in it and he loves trying to put sticks and wooden spoons through them. He also likes exploring outside, this is one of the only activities where I can sit a little bit and just let him play.
Not my two favorite stores, but the gap and old navy have some pants with adjustable waists, so you can buy larger sizes and just tighten the waistband from the inside. They work pretty well. DS was able to wear the same pants for a long time- he is pretty slim.
DS is 15 months old and a couple of times now I have tried to bring him to the library or local bookstore for a story time which he absolutely refuses to sit through. He likes reading at home on my lap, but it seems in a new environment he has to be running around, there is no way I can get him to sit still. I have noticed other toddlers his age sit and listen, are the wild toddlers kept at home, or is it just us? :
I would think that you wouldn't want them too snug already. Is she mostly going to be wearing them with socks? If they don't seem too big with the socks on, I would go for the bigger size.
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