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I have seen similar articles in the newspapers here (mpls), not specifically saying that they would outlaw cosleeping, but only showing one side of the issue. The interesting thing to me is that every case of child smothering that they have documented in my newspaper, the parents or grandparents have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Why is cosleeping the issue and not drunk parenting? There are certain precautions that should be taken in order to sleep...
Quote: Originally Posted by EdnaMarie She's in the EIGHTIETH percentile and he's concerned? That's nuts. :
My DS (14 mnths) also hates the carseat, always has. I never understood how some babies would just hang out in them, my son always screamed and arched his back. Anyway fast forward about a year and he has gotten somewhat better. My best trick is to give him snacks, it seems to distract him enough to get him relaxed so we can at least get him in the carseat. After that, we play his favorite music and all sing along. Good luck
So when does this stage stop? LO (14 mths) has to be in constant motion while nursing. If we are laying down, he will literally be on his head, upside down ,with his arms sticking out, butt up in the air, on one foot. It is making it nearly impossible to nurse in public, and at night and naptime, I just need him to sit still so he will fall asleep (hopefully)
My DS is also 13months and nurses every couple of hours at night. For some reason I have always considered him a good sleeper because he just tosses a little, nurses and then goes back to sleep. So it kinda seems like he is sttn even though others may not view it that way (like your dr). Like others have said, cutting off nursing at night isn't necessarily going to get your lo to sleep better.
Quote: Originally Posted by thyra My son at that age would sometimes eat a ton at a single feeding if my BF was feeding from a bottle - can your DH read her hunger signs? If she's still acting hungry he might want to offer another 1/2oz or 1oz bottle to see if she's still hungry - that way there isn't much waste if she is. I agree. Your post said that once the bottle is gone she starts crying, could she still be hungry? My DS took way more...
Quote: Originally Posted by AllyRae It's some good stuff! They also make yogurt in a ton of flavors, and ice cream...both of which are fantastic! :
So we already know that DS is allergic to dairy, but he seems to tolerate soy. But today he suddenly has a rash on his chest and under his arms (the same place he gets it if he has dairy). For a snack today he had raisins and soyogurt- he has had this many times before with no reaction. I did give him a fish oil supplement today too. Is it possible that DS is having a reaction to that? Or can reactions to certain foods occur when they were tolerated before?
Thanks for all the great replies, I guess I mostly worry about all the work with two young ones, but I also want them to be close in age, so they can be friends growing up. I have also heard people say to do all the baby stuff at once so that you can get all the sleepless nights/diapers etc. done in a sweep instead of "forgetting" what it's like and then having to start over again.
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