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Welcome little ones.  I can't wait to see pictures!
Thinking of you and your little one.
I peak at the Oct. due date club every once in a while and it looks like a Mama on there has recently delivered her little boy.  Very scary, but it looks like he is doing really well so far.
This is me at 27 weeks from last weekend up at our family's cabin, I so miss that water right now...  
I am actually part of the Sept. due date club, but I poke around here sometimes because I could easily deliver in Oct.  So although you don't know me, I couldn't read about your little boy and not tell you that I am sending healing thoughts and positive energy your families way, I am glad to hear that he is doing so well. 
DH will get snipped.  I was going to start a a thread about folks having their last babies but haven't quite gotten around to that yet...
Not sure why I didn't think of this earlier in my pregnancy, this is just going so fast, but, does anyone already have a child or children with allergies?  Is there anything you are specifically doing this pregnancy to try and prevent your next child from having allergies?  My DS has a dairy allergy and so I am considering cutting that completely out of my diet, not sure if there is evidence to back that up or not, but it is worth a try.  Anyone else heard of anything...
I think 3-4 days is pretty normal for when your milk comes in, before that all baby needs is colostrum.  I didn't realize that there is suppose to be any "prep" work involved at all.  I didn't do anything beforehand with DS and won't again for this baby, just nurse on demand and even more so in those first couple of days.  I might practice newborn positioning for a good latch though.  My DS nursed until he was 3 years old, so we could nurse at any angle no matter what,...
wow crystal!  How fun to have those to compare, you look like you are possibly caring slightly lower and smaller this time.  Did you plan to do pics in the same place as last pregnancy?  Also, love the skinny jeans, what a deal!  
Wow MissE, your belly is like a dart!  I love seeing everyone's different shapes.  
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