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Oh good I thought I was alone!!!! The thought of anything fresh made me so sick!!! It smells "green" and I go green!!!!!!!!!!! I am starting to get over it a little but....yuck...and I can't eat my favorite oat nut 100% natural bread either! I asked dh to pick up some white bread...eekk!!!!!!!!!! I haven't eaten white bread since I was like 5!!!!!!!!!!!! The only fruit I can tolerate are oranges...can we say hello heart burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that this passes b/c...
Oh Aly I am so sorry!!! I have been MIA for a while and just read your post!!! Thinking of you lots, and sorry for your loss!!!
100% Natural 110% surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jacksonmom thanks I'm thinking of calling tomorrow...I just keep getting cramps off and on...it just feel different than the normal "stretching" I do feel silly though b/c I am not sure if it's just my brain!!! I just hope that I am out of my mind and it's just the idea of vts that's freaking me out! I don't know if I could stand losing another baby!!! I am so very sorry that this happened to you just know that you are in my thoughts! And please don't feel...
Jacksonmom...what did your cramping feel like...i know dumb question...but I just can't shake the feeling that vts is going to happen to me! I felt a little crampy a few days ago and now I have a feeling there is only one baby??? I don't know if it's in my head or not! I don't have another u/s done until Sept 8th so I don't know if I should call my OB...anyway thanks in advance...and I am sorry that happened to you!!!
DanelleB I so know what's it's like...although my dad would probably defend me over me mom...but I don't know that for sure! I know I just wish my parents and my in laws would just grow up! It's like hello we are all adults but who's been an adult for longer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh DanelleB I am sorry to hear about your mom acting that way!!! I know how you feel my mother was totally nonsupporting when we told my parents! My dad was the one who was excited! All my mom could say was "oh honey" over and over and maybe trough in a curse word! :
The only reason I had the u/s in the first place b/c I'm high risk; I have high blood pressure, and since a m/c with my last pregnancy, plus my dates were off for what I was measuring! I had two u/s in one day b/c my OB did the first on an older machine and he wanted his tech to do it on a better machine...b/c baby b wasn't showing a heart beat on his older machine...i guess i really didn't see where anyone was really having multiple u/s a week?!? Even though there is...
Thanks Shukr! I am getting more excited and I feel better today so that helps a lot!!! Wow you are going to have your hands full!!! I admire mommies who can do it! I am an only child! So going from 1 to 3 is a hard adjustment!! But I guess I'm going to be one of those mommies I admire....hmmm
Oh yeah I calculate 6weeks but my OB said close to 7weeks!
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