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Mine was salty when I weaned my youngest.  I tasted it and it was very salty and not good.
Keep the voters out of it. 
Are you treating yourself each time?   Use whatever treatment you're comfortable with, but you do have to treat yourself every single time you treat your daughter. Even after I felt we were clear, I still took extra probiotics and slathered my nipples in coconut oil.  Another thing to consider is your diet. 
Tries I thought I could leave a comment on the "thumb's up", but I guess not.  Anyway, I wonder if this is the connection for us.  My kids love cinnamon and since my youngest is still in diapers, it's easier to see poop texture.  I'll have to make an effort to look the next time we have cinnamon.
 I agree with this whole post and that's how I took it, too.
 This. Some of the examples and comments in this thread are interesting.  I'm working on seeing the positive in people and hope they do the same with me.
Wow, I'm sorry this is souring your experience.    Hopefully they are able to move forward without things getting too sticky.
My 2-year-old often gets this - like sand where you wipe and it just moves around - and we don't eat a lot of gluten.  (I'm very familiar with gluten-free eating.)  I never realized it was a "problem".  I'm going to have to ask about this during our WBV next month.
 I can't really agree that being financially independent somehow makes you aware of how to invest money.  Many hard-working individuals are also in a lot of unnecessary consumer debt. 
 I think Wiki does a great job of outlining some of the issues, including links for support.  Your response was a year ago, so I have no idea what has been added since, but I donated to another organization prior to 2013 and it was because of all the shady accounting issues with Locks of Love up to that point.  They are selling much more hair than they donate according to the numbers.  I have donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and will do so again very soon.  Look into...
New Posts  All Forums: