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 I can't really agree that being financially independent somehow makes you aware of how to invest money.  Many hard-working individuals are also in a lot of unnecessary consumer debt. 
 I think Wiki does a great job of outlining some of the issues, including links for support.  Your response was a year ago, so I have no idea what has been added since, but I donated to another organization prior to 2013 and it was because of all the shady accounting issues with Locks of Love up to that point.  They are selling much more hair than they donate according to the numbers.  I have donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths and will do so again very soon.  Look into...
 I hope you didn't think I was nitpicking what you did.  I was just sharing what I would have done, which in thinking about it and writing it out, made me realize that I really do need to make a change in this area.  I do get myself things "just because", so why would I not do that for my children?  I need to strike a balance between buying them "just because" things and teaching them to appreciate it.
  In a way, isn't it the same thing as wearing a pair of flattering pants that make you feel attractive?  Or, doing your hair in a way that makes you feel attractive? Or, is your issue with any "decorative-type" of thing that boosts your confidence?  Meaning, you should feel confident without any type of exterior adornment? 
 I enjoy giving my children things, too, but I typically push that into buying a new book or flash cards, etc.  My kids enjoy those things, so they are excited, which warms my heart, but at the same time, it has a different feel to it than giving other types of toys, especially those at a higher price point.  See, I would buy the bubbles, but I would have stopped there.  You've definitely given me something to think about.  I do buy myself something I want from time to...
One thing I want to say, which is just my opinion:  Don't beat yourself up if you need to take shortcuts in the beginning (well, at any point, really) because many things are "little things" when it comes to raising your children into happy, healthy adults.  I really wanted to do everything the same for both kids, but I have come to realize it just isn't going to happen and in some situations, it isn't what is best for the kids.  Overall, with my youngest being two now,...
 This.  He just turned four and life is already better for everyone.  It seemed the shift happened about two weeks before his third birthday and shifted back about two weeks after his fourth birthday.  I'm not saying it's going to be the same for you or that I have some perfectly-behaved child, but three really was a horrible year, if I'm honest.  We had a couple of unusual, life-altering occurrences that year, which didn't help, but still!   I actually agree with a lot of...
Thank you both for sharing your thoughts on this; I like hearing a different perspective to my own.  I gave DS the highly-coveted toy he wanted so we'll see what happens!    That said, I'm not entirely sure how we will approach this in the future.
In case I wasn't clear:  my family would likely buy a Hybrid or electric car if gas was $10/gallon because it would be worth it to us.  I don't assume everyone would buy a hybrid or electric car and I don't assume it would be worth it for everyone, but it would very likely be worth it for our family, based on our goals, needs, wants, etc.   Highway mileage is very different from city mileage; I would expect that type of mileage for highway driving.
 I'm going to guess that's highway driving.
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