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 Yeah, we looked during our last car purchase.  The gas didn't justify it then, but at $10.00, it probably would for us.
 I didn't think of that, but this is probably something we would do for DP, too.
I have had this happen when we're traveling and eating different foods than what I normally have at home.  If it is something I don't mind my kids eating I will tell them they can have it once a week and they can pick the day.  Or, if it is something that I do not want them to have, I explain that I just don't have that item at home.  Another thing you could do is make a healthier version of the food(s) you don't want him to have and have him help you.  You could even get...
I'm pretty lenient about this compared to most in this thread.  My oldest was pretty well-behaved as a little one at the table and I think we moved to a plate around 18 months.  My youngest was given a trial at around 18 months and failed miserably so we tried again at 2.  For me, using a tray or a plate has little to do with table manners and everything to do with readiness.   
 This, this, and this.  Whoops, I got that wrong.  I saw "second choice" and made the assumption.  Anyway, I think that sounds like a nice plan because it gives you some time to think about it more.
Yes and I really like it.  I watched a BBC show about it and was pretty convinced it would be good for me. 
 It sounds like you want to go to Monterey, right?  Is it just the better job opportunities in San Diego that are holding you back?  If I'm reading that all correctly, are you able to research the homeschooling opportunities in Monterey and get a better feel for the area by visiting a couple of times?  I know you said you had been there, but it will probably feel/seem different to you now than it did in college.  (You may have visited since, I'm not sure.)  I would...
Smoking is the main one that comes to mind.  I know there are others, but that's a big one for me.  I don't even want a smoker inside my house that smells like smoke. 
There must be 800 threads about this, but I can't seem to locate them.  Also, I understand not everyone can give things to their kids "just because", let alone for special events.  That said, I could still use some input.   How do you handle buying your kids toys during the year (non-birthday/holiday)?  Do you refuse to do it?  Do you ever do it?  Do you have your children share in the cost of something they want, if they get an allowance or gift money?  How do you...
 Me too! I do teach my kids to use the bathroom before and after showering and before and after going to the pool.  I wouldn't be upset if they did urinate in our own showers, but we've just always taught them to go first.  I don't know why I'm sharing that, but maybe I need to confess my hypocritical parenting.   
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