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I guess I would plan more than I do.  I try to bundle errands together and be conscious about the trips I take, but I would cut down even more.  For example, I may save money buying certain items when they are on sale, but a little out of the way.  When you factor in a much higher gas price, those savings might be negated.  I already do a fair bit of online shopping, which helps!
 I was speaking specifically about supervising a playdate when your child is in a new (unknown) home, not the gender issue.  I guess that wasn't clear.   In terms of the "5-year-olds living in a high-crime area are more dangerous" issue, I wrote a novella last night and deleted it because it was fairly personal.  I think it's reasonable that parents would be more cautious about unsupervised visits in high-crime areas.  I don't think it's always (or even often) about the...
 I'm well aware of that, as I hadn't even commented in the thread at that point.  I was simply commenting on the response I read.     This is just a general response, but for me, it comes down to this:  like vaccinating or not, formula feeding or not, free range or not, most parents are trying to make the best choices for their families.  Making a different choice (i.e. being present for a five-year-old playdate at the home of parents you haven't met) doesn't mean you're...
I drink the Suze Orman Kool-Aid, but not when it comes to life insurance.  In fact, just this year I lowered DP's life insurance because it just felt disgustingly excessive and unnecessary.  I don't need life insurance to keep me in the lifestyle I would have lived.  We talked about what was truly important - paying off the mortgage, giving me a year or two buffer for both children to be in school, health insurance considerations, and an additional buffer for college...
With the information you listed, you will be fine to close down the accounts.  The only caveat is that you should not close down your longest-established account.  If one of the cards in question is your oldest credit card, just buy something small with it every few months and pay it off.  If you have a card older than both of the cards you want to close, you can close them both.
  I have always been that way and I don't see that changing while my kids are still young.  I don't think you're doing anything wrong and like you said, you need to do what feels most comfortable.   I'm not entirely sure why you're giving such an unnecessarily snarky response.  Just because my kids hang out with someone doesn't mean I want them hanging out in their home.
I think your gift sounds lovely.  Of course that opinion is coming from a mother who politely refused a baby shower and thinks they have turned into gift grabs.
I didn't grow up doing it, but I do have my children do it.  It's normally just me writing a short "thank you" and my children doing a little drawing for it.  We don't do a lot of exchanging, though, so that helps.
 I thought the same thing.  In fact, I'd be Googling the biggest, loudest, brightest plastic toy just for giggles.  The only example I can conjure up that reminds me of what you're talking about here is one that has happened to me before.  When people leave tracts about accepting Christ as your Savior or you will rot in hell for eternity, it doesn't really feel like "spreading information".  When someone leaves an article about how plastic toys are dangerous, will kill...
We do it, but without the "naughty vs. nice" stuff and with Santa bringing each child one unwrapped gift.  I didn't want to do it at all and this was the compromise with my partner.  The funny thing is, it was better than I imagined and I'm actually happy we're "doing Santa".
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