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  Yes, there are a lot of fees that you will pay again.  That's why I suggest obtaining the GFE(s) to see the numbers and then running it all through a calculator to make sure it will work for you.  We refinanced a couple different ways - we paid the fees outright, we took a higher interest rate (still much lower than we had) to avoid closing costs, etc.  I've always used a calculator to see the break even time frame because if it doesn't save you money and make sense for...
  Thank you so much for sharing those details.  These are the things I don't know about and/or don't think about. 
  Me too, I missed this the first few times I read this thread.  I know it's easy to say, but I would definitely try to relax about it since it isn't part of your court order.  I would also check with your lawyer in NY to ensure you are doing what you can/should be doing.  
  I would start with your current bank.   I refinanced on a previous home a few times and went with someone different each time.  I would always look for online reviews of mortgage companies and/or loan officers if you're going with someone smaller.  I have had luck finding companies through the City Data forum and I've also winged it and went with the company that had the best overall terms.  Ensure you get a GFE (good faith estimate) from each company you're considering...
  I'm glad there is someone else out there thinking about this.    Some of my fears stem from the unknown (i.e. how much time would I really have with my kids if I worked FT and they were in school?), but I know I need to make some decisions.  I'm also fearful of starting a new, different career, spending money on even more schooling only to not find a job in that field.  Sigh.
  As someone who loves a minimalistic, clean, organized look, having a bonus room/playroom really keeps me sane, happy, and a better mom.  I know that may seem dramatic, but it really makes a huge difference for me.
Given that you have a balloon, I would definitely look into refinancing, especially as the rates are low, but increasing.  I would call the company that has your loan to see what they might be offering.  When you get your GFE (good faith estimate), utilize a calculator to make sure refinancing makes sense for you and your family.
  That's what I would do, honestly.  If you don't have a pressing need for him to go on the potty (i.e. school), I would really try the mellow approach.
We do it together a lot of the time.  There are certain things that are tedious to put away and since those things are played with daily, we do leave them out.  We are fortunate to have a play area, so they aren't left in a heavy traffic area.
I'm starting to panic at the realization that my kids will be in school soon and I don't want to put them into an after-school program.  I'm also realizing I don't know what people actually do with their kids during the summer when they are working FT.  Hire a nanny?  Daycare programs?  I need to use my time wisely to figure out what I can do and what I want to do.   I'm starting to feel I should have continued to work while my kids were young and then stayed home...
New Posts  All Forums: