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Milk, eggs, and bananas.  It's normally just milk and bananas, which is what it is today. 
  Thanks for the response.  I guess my main concern is just the (low) liquid intake.  Also, B is already small, so there was/is a part of me hoping the breastmilk (and/or milk) would help with that, too.  I also get worried about not filling in the solid food gaps, which I always felt like breastfeeding did when a baby was over a year old.    Did your baby already wean by 26 months or did you give the rice milk with your breastmilk?   I do have an appointment with a new...
As someone who always had a magic number, hit that magic number, and is 100% done having babies, I'm not sure if I can be much help.  I can tell you that for me, I don't just think about the baby phase, I think about the future.  How many people do I want to raise?  I also think about the things that matter to me and how the number of children could impact that.    You did say this, "Isn't four kids enough?? I feel like I'm being greedy," and I really disagree with...
I know there are 800 threads on nursing strikes and links to Kellymom on what to do.  The problem is, my baby (B) doesn't like to feed when tired, right before bed, when sleeping, etc.  Basically, B nurses when B wants to nurse, which isn't frequently.  My baby is already small and I fear the lack of nursing is not helping matters.  I don't know when to give up and just start giving some milk to complement the breastmilk.   Baby (B), not yet 18 months, is nursing...
I'm another that does a lot of reading, but not a lot of playing.  There are a few things we always do together each day - reading, playing board games, and, building.
The whole situation would annoy me, but mostly the added children.  That sounds very strange, specifically since it wasn't a one time thing.     KIND has made vegan bars.  I'm not sure why you're writing this as if you know exactly what the OP purchased.    She is stating she purchased vegan food, but maybe you misunderstood that. 
It isn't my thing, but I don't care what other people use.  Personally, I'd prefer to use a wrap or stroller than a leash. 
  I'm boring, yes.  I've gotten more so over the last few years and it bothers me a little. 
I used to be a pretty aggressive driver; I was very fortunate I got warnings most of the time.
  I had no idea they even had a parenting section there.  Interesting.
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