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I'm not taking about making a gorgeous showpiece, I'm talking about making something simple (looking) and relatively easy like this.  Have you done it?  Did you teach yourself?  Did you take a class of any kind or just use online tutorials and wing it?  Tell me more, please.
I'm not even on this forum, but I saw this and figured I'd chime in to say "yes".  The entire forum needs a spring cleaning; condensing some of the less popular sub-forums into a main forum is smart.
  I like quite a bit of his work, too.    I was sad to see you didn't find out who it was and I do know what you mean about imaging it; I was going to ask you about that.
Thanks for all the suggestions; I appreciate them all.  
  I definitely love this in combination with the above advice.  Thank you! 
Thanks for the thoughtful response.   To the bolded, I wonder if I've actually reinforced his behavior by telling the person he is shy.  It is almost as if I feel I need an excuse as to why he is being (seemingly) rude.
My just-turned-three-year-old toddler is shy.  I don't know whether I should be pushing for him to still be polite despite his shyness.  If so, how do I do this effectively?  For example, we were grocery shopping a few weeks ago and a woman gave him stickers.  He didn't take the stickers (despite wanting them) and he didn't say "thank you", he just smiled shyly and hugged me.  I took the stickers, explained that he was shy (I always say this and cringe on the inside that...
Toddlers will do things together that they wouldn't necessarily do alone.  Well, maybe that's just my toddler.    Your friends overreacted and I'm sorry your daughter is receiving the brunt of it. 
  I have never thought of that show in that light.  Hmm, thanks for giving me something to think about.
  You are free to see something any way you want, but it doesn't mean it reflects reality.   I do agree with your last statements - I don't think many (most?) people want to be with someone who isn't genuine.
New Posts  All Forums: