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I don't have your exact issue, but I echo what the others suggested with regard to a manual pump, if it is feasible for you. My Lansinoh manual is a lifesaver and I get great results with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by colsxjack ... I do not think that raising your kid gender neutral matters in the gender that your child turns out to be. I do believe that it will just allow your child to have open access to explore things that they wouldn't otherwise get a chance to explore, and give them a place where they can just be them. No matter if you tell your child what their gender is or not...society will and you cannot get away from it.... I...
Edited - I think I'm going to try cutting dairy to see if it helps. Quote: Originally Posted by Therese's Mommy My allergist told me that they typically show up by 4 months. So, it is possible that what you are experiencing is allergies. Like PP said, allergies can present at any time, but if a child is born with them I think you would see it by 4mos. Yeah, I was wondering along those lines....  
When do allergies and sensitivities typically present themselves in breastfed babies? Is it possible for a baby to develop a sensitivity at 2-3 months or is that typically too late?
Quote: Originally Posted by geo_girl maybe it is unpopular around here, but I'll admit that I *hate* my boob being used as a pacifier. AND I find that route very difficult with two other children running around.... I feel the same way and I don't have two older children running around. Thankfully DS seems to get upset when he just wants to suck and milk comes out!
My advice is based upon my personality and what works for me. I couldn't stand to have 2K of debt sitting out there, increasing due to interest, when I have money to pay it off. Unless you are earning 6.5% interest (highly unlikely unless you invest in stocks, bonds, etc.), I would pay the debt off immediately or within 3-4 months. I would then focus on putting every extra penny back into your savings account. (Do you earn money from your market stand? If so, did...
Quote: Originally Posted by journeymom Honey693, check out these stockings, http://www.dillards.com/webapp/wcs/s...ctId=501457291 I've worn these and would do it again. If you select a color that blends in with your skin, 99.9% of people won't notice.
I prefer the pacifier since I can take it away.
I have used Breastflow bottles with success. (My DS has also used Playtex Drop-Ins with success.)
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