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Just ask jasnjakesmama how much I sing... she makes fun of me, she says that I know every song. (Although I don't claim to know every song - I do know a lot of songs). And, I sing to the music or without music. I sing all day long... And I am sure some people may find it annoying - but I literally cannot help it!!!! ~Laura
That curve is more like an inverted bell curve! Typically, there should be less wealthy and less poor people than middle class people. Weird huh?!?
I am still on the fence about the Santa issue. I do not want to lie to my ds. But, I did enjoy the mysterious bearded man whose belly shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly, when I was a child. I think what we will do is tell the story of Santa as a character in a story. And, not embellish. When my ds asks of the validity, we will turn the question around to him. And, when he finally requires the out right truth - we'll give it to him. I do not think we...
I was 28!
My ds has had a really bad cough. We used the humidifier with eucalyptis oil. We spent time in the bathroom with the steam on etc. His cough turned into a croupy cough and it turned out the best thing for that was cool, night air. So, we opened up the window in the bedroom and his cough got much better... hope this helps... ~Laura
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