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daylily, Ok, this is funny (given the thread topic). I hope you do not get too upset to find out inethical is not a word. I think you were thinking of unethical. As a teacher, I have run into both brilliant, creative professionals and some not-so-smart individuals. I understand the creative writing process and I agree with most of it. The idea that grammar is learned through reading is true of many children. However, it does not work for all. So, I think...
Re: vaccinations... Whenever someone asks, "are your child's vaccinations up to date?" I answer, "yes." It's not a lie because according to me they are....it's all relative... ~Laura
mamaduck, I completely understand your dilemma. It is very hard to know what to do in those types of situations. Due to the way that I have raised my son, I have to believe that he would only hit back if he truly felt threatened. And, I believe that is why your son hit back. This situation reminds of a lecture I went to given by Michael Thompson. He is the author of "Raising Cain: The Emotional Life of Boys." According to Thompson, keeping the communication...
jane, I am a migrainuer as well. This past Wednesday I came down with one while I was at work. I won't go into the details but it was really bad. My boss told me what to do. And, her methods cut my migraine down from the usual three days to 8 hours!!! She said to drink as much caffeinated liquid as I could, put an ice pack on my head and soak my hands in the hottest liquid I could tolerate. The idea is to draw the blood away from your head. She said that if she...
Laura, I am really sorry that happened. I teach at a preschool, and if a child accidentally overstuffed the toilet, we would call maintenance. That's what custodians do... This teacher was being malicious. And, I would tell her and her director so!!! Four year olds are supposed to be supervised by a teacher when they go to the bathroom at school. If your child had been, none of this would have happened. ~Laura
Just add the letter "I" to Martin and her name is Apple Martini.... maybe it is a joke...
This is really hard for me. I get very angry at the grown-up who is hitting. I know I probably should not, but I usually say, "Please don't hit your child." Usually my ds says, "we don't hit in our family, right Mama?" And, I say "right." And, then we continue with a conversation about feelings, grown-ups losing control and different families...etc. ~Laura
You're very welcome!!! I think all parents of intact sons should be as proactive as possible in a hospital situation. It's better to be safe, than sorry... ~Laura
Ok, now here is a sample letter. I changed the letter significantly in order to mold it to my situation. http://www.noharmm.org/Noncircform.htm ~Laura
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