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Nancy, If your babe is getting your milk and will continue to do so, why does she need milk from a cow? My son will be 3 years old next month. He rarely gets any milk besides mine. ~Laura
Jenb, please let Tani know that we are thinking of her. What a tragedy. I do not post often at MDC (and I did not know Tani), but when I hear this kind of news, I want to lend my support. How is Tani coping? I am very sorry for her loss! ~Laura
Over a year ago (my son will be three next month) my son started calling nursing "nurkie." When he wants the other side, he says "nurkie side." It's funny how nurkie is a noun and a verb at the same time. ~Laura
Cora, I understand your concerns regarding mass produced/commercial items. I have relatives that give my ds a ton of inappropriate gifts. But, I let him have them. The interest in the toy always quickly wanes. My philosophy is that I teach my son my values. And, he gets to make the choices. I found myself getting angry at people - who were only trying to please my son and make him happy. I had to give up some control and step back to see him develop...
Last Saturday.... I slept late. My dh was up with ds. When I got out of bed ds was wearing underpants. And, he has been wearing them ever since. I just figured that it would be too confusing and another transition to put a diaper on at night. It's been going pretty well. Only one accident - at night - after he consumed a lot of liquids that evening. Now, we are limiting evening liquids. ~Laura
I love picking out baby names. So, I went to babyname.com Here are some suggestions: Leif (Scand.) The rest are German in origin: Arlo Dale Ernest Geoff Hugh Stefan **Of course my two favorite names are my son's Daniel Joseph. BTW - he's 2.9 and if someone calls him Dan or Danny, he tells them "my name is Daniel." ~Laura
brookely ash, When my son was born, the midwife who caught him noticed an undescended testicle. After consulting his doc, we decided to wait one year - because sometimes the problem fixes itself. Well, at 5 months, my husband and I began to notice a bulge in our son's groin area... it was an inguinal hernia. We did a lot of research. We went to several urologists in the NYC area. And, we contacted Dr. Sears. The hernia had to be fixed. It made sense to have the...
My son is 33 months. We have co-slept since he was born. And, we have never had sleep issues. (Other than the fact that he is now getting bigger and our queen size bed is getting smaller!) ~Laura
Here is the recipe I use, Cooked Playdough 2 cups flour 1 cup salt 2 cups water 2 tablespoons oil 4 teaspoons cream of tartar food coloring if desired Combine dry ingredients. In separate bowl, combine wet ingredients. Mix all ingredients together. Cook on medium heat for 3-5 minutes. Cool on counter for 20-25 minutes, kneading occasionally. Once cooled, store in air tight container. ~Laura
luckylady, Ok, my perspective comes from a combination of being an Early Childhood Educator and a "gifted child." In my opinion, most children will eventually learn how to read, write, know their colors, know how to count etc. So, although it is impressive, I do not place a great deal of importance on those skills - in the early years. Due to the emphasis placed on academics in the early years, many gifted children miss out on opportunities to learn social and...
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