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Quote: Originally Posted by Satori You ladies have time to eat? I'm skinny becasue I'm so busy chasing kids that I don't get to eat! (which really isn't good when your hypoglycemic) That was really helpful to the discussion. I could stand to lose at least 20lbs. Stress always makes me gain and hold on to weight, especially in my gut. Stress tends to come with SN kids! : I think this new smilie is so cute!
I wouldn't use magic eraser on the car, it will scratch the paint. It also doesn't work at all on sharpies, my kid colored on the wall with sharpie. It doesn't take off pen either. They work best on regular marks and crayon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sierra What those kinds of shows always make me think is, now that this house has basically doubled or tripled or quadrupled in size, or now that they've added that swimming pool, or with all that new electronic gear, how much will the family's monthly costs rise? The degree of excess means a higher cost for families. Nothing is free. And maybe for some it is worth it because they can afford a higher monthly cost of living,...
Quote: Originally Posted by _betsy_ How about something like "Mom, we're trying really hard not to focus on it. We want him to feel as normal as possible, and all your focus on it is just making that one issue stand out. Can you try to let it go? ... Look at this pie, would you like a slice?" My dd has had a tic for the last year, so far it's labeled as "childhood tic disorder" and that is exactly how we have handled it and what we told my mom....
Quote: Originally Posted by Justthatgirl I'm w/ you, Finch. Don't force him into a situation you know he can't handle. I agree.
WOW. I just don't even know what to say. I would file a complaint with the insurance company so they don't refer him to anyone else. :
The newest shot was recalled for the same reason the old one was http://www.fda.gov/medwatch/safety/2007/safety07.htm Are you sure you can even get it if you wanted it?
Beautiful family
They weren't good parents. We became close because we basically only had each other.
I hope the next 2 weeks goes quickly for you and you get some answers. :
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