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Quote: Originally Posted by kissum Well, mine is only 2, but by not dressing like a whore myself, and by not allowing her to watch commercials on TV, and not letting her have toys like those bratz dolls. Yeah/ I have 2 girls, they are so special to me. It is hard to buy things for them or to avoid the trashy stuff because so many people do buy it. There sadly is a market for it. BUT doesn't mean you have to give in. You buy the other stuff...
When all the food is done and we sit down together to eat. And munching on leftovers later in the day .
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla Hey, I got all 20 right the second time I took the quiz! So did my husband : He got 10 right the first time.
Quote: Originally Posted by kama'aina mama Hey! Put the mouse back in the house! This is a family place. : I'm dying laughing over here. I wouldn't be able to control myself, I would be giggling and saying something to him!
Quote: Originally Posted by Kleine Hexe It's up to your SIL what kind of birth she wants. Your brother or anyone else has nothing to do with it. If she asks you for information then give it to her. If not, I'd stay out of it. I completely agree.
My 4 year old cut off all of her bangs 3 weeks ago. I mean gone, right to the scalp. Hopefully they grow in by Christmas so I can take decent pictures!
Yes I would. I've noticed the kids gladly give it up after a short time and go play something else and then go back to it. It's a workout so they know their physical limits! There are a lot of non violent, short games for it. It's a lot of fun . I can't remember but I think some games give you a message after you have been playing for a little while to go take a break.
That's awful . I'm praying for the babies.
Nothing. I'm slacking really bad but tomorrow will be running around like crazy. *sigh*
Save the gamecube controllers and the gamecube memory card, otherwise you can't use it with the gamecube games. For the Wii games, you need a new memory card to save, it won't save to the gamecube one. I bought a camera memory card, it takes SD cards. It was a lot cheaper than the "special" Wii memory card. SD will be on the package so you know you have the right kind, just look wherever the digital camera cards are at your store. The nunchuck is *needed* for super mario...
New Posts  All Forums: