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Good luck! :
Reflux is awful . Poor kid. I really hope you are on the road to proper answers now.
: Google is bad. I've torn myself an ulcer in the last month or so with google. Good luck :
Good luck!!
She never did take one, I tried every single brand and type there was. She has always chewed and sucked on a blanket though, since she was born. She is 4 and still does it to go to sleep.
I'm so glad you are all ok and the house is fine.
The most important thing I can say to get is either a docking station or a set of rechargable batteries. The remotes eat batteries! Even the rechargable ones and we don't play it every day. I have 2 sets of rechargables so we have one always charged. There are 5 of us and we have 3 remotes and 2 nunchucks. Every so often I'm sorry we don't have another remote so I'm thinking of getting a 4th one. I bought an SD camera card for $12 and it works fine, I wouldn't pay extra...
We stay home and bum in pjs! For pictures or portraits we dress nice but comfy .
She'll be sorry once she can't see the kids ever again. I'm so sorry she did that to you guys. : I'm very sorry to hear of the death of your dh's friend .
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