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That's wonderful!!
Quote: Originally Posted by MotherWhimsey don't you just wish tests came with immediate answers? I think sometimes the wait is worse than the answer. For me it's the places I let my mind go with the what ifs. I'm my own worst enemy. If they came back faster I don't have as much time to torture myself! Didn't mean to derail your thread. Best of luck Friday :
I'm so sorry for everything going on right now.
I'm sorry the visit was postponed : I'm thinking of you all and hope you get some answers soon. We are waiting another week for a particular test to come back on my dd and it's killing me. :
I'm so sorry you are going through this.
I have very fond memories of muddy buddies. : The only time I ever had them was a friend's house in 4th grade. Her mom made us some with some hot chocolate and we went skating on the frozen pond behind her house. My mom never made them and I haven't had any since. I should make some.
Quote: Originally Posted by Black Orchid Congrats to her... she is a talk show host, right? CNN? so many celebs have twins... or at least it seems that way to me. wonder if she had TTTTTS? That seems really different to have one so much larger than the other... and 5lbs at 7 months is really good. DD1 wasn't much more than that at 9 mos. That's what I was wondering but it's more common in identical twins. I can't watch her show, it's...
It's how it happened in our family. Ds fully vaxed up to 5, dd1 vaxed until 15 months and dd2 not vaxed at all.
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