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Quote: Originally Posted by stormborn A service chicken! "ya see, I'm protein deficient, so I must have this chicken with me at all times" That would work for the seeing eye 'rooster' as well.: :
Quote: Originally Posted by Momtwice Halloween is definitely religious to many people. Catholics go to mass that night or the next day for All Saints Day. Pagans celebrate Samhain (sp?). But as many others have said, what is described in the OP sucks the joy of it whether you see it as a religious holiday or secular. I was raised Catholic and we never, ever went to mass on Halloween. It was always today, All Saints Day. I didn't know that...
Putting away all the laundry. It's clean but it's in piles all over the laundry room! Taking a nap, I'm so wiped out. Doing dishes. Putting away the halloween decorations.
I don't like the rude teens or the ones that don't at least put on face paint or a mask. I would rather they are going t-o-ting instead of out at parties drinking or something. The ones that just show up and hand out a bag peeve me off. There was a group of people sitting around a bonfire with bowls of candy. They were awing over all the little ones and handing them fist fulls of candy. Then the teens walked up and they only got one piece and were mad at the little...
Yay!!!! That stinks about the phone.
Winter holidays I can understand because not everyone is religious and most of the winter holidays do have some religious conotation to them. But halloween?? It's not religious. I understand some religions don't celebrate it but geesh. Last year when we lived in TX some little boy in my son's first grade told him it was the devils holiday and anyone that goes trick or treating is going to hell.
I hope she's ok :
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 : They don't get people who want to be off on their own. As a NT, but somewhat of an introvert, I find breaking into new groups of parents extremely difficult and stressful. I HATE it. So much so that I don't do it that much. Me too. I always feel like I'm interrupting something or they don't really want me there and it's weird.
Quote: Originally Posted by New Mama I continue to think about you and your children almost every day, too. me too. :
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