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A family with 2 kids, the dad was a football player and he carried their little baby around in his arms. The baby was dressed as a football. It was so cute!!
Quote: Originally Posted by LynnS6 I'm all for a more well rounded developmental assessment at well-baby visits. Right now, they do very very little development. Most peds get about 2 hours of training on language development, for example. My problem with it is that most doctors don't have the expertise to diagnose autism. Heck, they don't have enough training to diagnose general language delays. What I'd rather see is more training for pediatricians...
Still thinking of you and praying
I'm so sorry :
That would scare the crap out of me. I would be worried of how close they are to the property incase they miss. I probably wouldn't let the kids out in the back of the house just because I'm paranoid.
Quote: Originally Posted by merpk I like that "apostrophe misuse" one, too. Cracks me right up. me too Quote: My favorites are actually not even on the board anymore. Number one is still from a no-longer-posting asherah: "Disturb the comfortable; comfort the disturbed." I always loved that one.
To a point yes.
My son does this, sometimes to the point of giving himself a stomachache. He is really bad with carbs. He has been blood tested for celiac but he still has some stomach issues (I don't know about non genetic celiac but we are 100% positive dh and I do not have it, we both have had scopes and tests for other digestive problems). He has high functioning autism and we just assume his gut is trashed and that is why he does it. He is dairy free. I think it's sensory for him...
(hugs) It does sound like there is something you haven't found yet. How frustrating .
That's great!!!
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