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Maybe ask nicely so it doesn't come off as nosy? Let him know if he wants to talk about it you (or your dh) will listen. Sounds more like you are being suppportive than hoping he will dish. If he says he is fine or doesn't want to talk then let it go.
I am completely against microchips for people, I don't even like the chip in dh's military ID! I am iffy about it in pets, I think in theory it's a good idea but not sure if it really is after all. Did I make sense, short on the coffee today...
Bump. This needs to stay on the first page, everyone keep emailing!
Do you know what is so sad? I don't even remember anymore.
Wow. Thanks for sharing that link, I don't usually listen to her music so I missed it.
Oops sorry DP.
Not all locations participate, so check the website before you head out . None near me are doing it, wahhhh. Enjoy it everyone!
Nope never. Various reasons. If I was going to...I would be very torn. I would prefer midwifery because it's more personal and I could avoid working with all the idiot docs that are up on high horses (not all docs, just you all know the ones I mean!!) But at the same time I would want to go into the doc/ob field to give patients an open minded, natural advocate.
I haven't been around here much but popped in and saw this. Thinking of you
I live in TX, my son is mostly vaxed but we stopped at 4 so he doesn't have the new ones now needed here (hep A and something else I forget). I brought in his exemption form and the nurse thanked me for being responsible and handing in the proper forms. So not sure if people don't get the forms in or that was a subtle, hey good for you he doesn't need that shot anyway thing or what? Anyway it's very simple to get an exemption form in this state thankfully.
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