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Crystal Ball does in fact pasture their cows. They are one of the top-rated organic dairies in the country..... http://www.cornucopia.org/dairysurvey/index.html
I'd just add that the time for passports is ridiculously short right now-- we got our baby's in, like, 2 weeks?
This is our CSA: http://www.mnfoodassociation.org/joinmayfarm.aspx They have drop sites at various places in the Cities-- ours is at the Mississippi Market. We've been pleased with the produce, and we like the educational programs the farm runs.
Sounds like the OP has found a vet, but in case anyone else reads this thread who has the same question: we use Grand Avenue Vet and like them a whole lot. All of the doctors are women, one of them does housecalls, and they're very friendly and knowledgeable.
My wife was in labor for about 48 hours, so there were different phases, during which I did different things.... but off the top of my head, here are some of the things I did: -time contractions -help her with breathing during contractions (counting out loud, etc.) -fetch food and water when she wanted it -warm up and apply hot packs on her back -light touch massage (a good thing to learn how to do) -other types of massage -being there for her to hold on to me...
Does anyone know if there are movie theaters in the Twin Cities that have showings where babies are welcome? I've heard of this sort of thing (elsewhere) but can't find any info on it here. Thanks!
I'm a first time dad, just over 1 month into it. Here are my thoughts, off the top of my head: -cloth diapering is much easier than I expected. I do much of the changing (as my brother put it, my wife is responsible for input, so I take care of output), as well as the laundering. I was quite frightened going in, but it's really been a breeze. I hear that often dads are the ones who are most apprehensive about CDing, so my advice is: try it, it's really not...
I'm sure it depends on where you live, but in our eastside St. Paul neighborhood, lots and lots of kids go door to door. Our daughter is only 2 weeks old, so we won't be going around this year, but we always enjoy seeing the local kids all dressed up!
Sorry, just realized you're looking for a homebirth mw....
The midwife group at St. Joe's runs a "meet the midwife" night periodically. Worth checking out, either for specific midwife recs (though if you're delivering at St. Joe's, you get whoever's on call) or for general reassurance about midwives.... But all the midwives at St. Joe's are pretty darned good-- we met several during my wife's 48-hour labor, and we went to Rebeca Barroso (whom we love) for the prenatal care.
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